The Most Popular Braided Hairstyles for Women

Beautiful Waterfall Braid Hairstyles 2013 - 2014

Stylish New Ways to Update Your Braid

Do you simply love the charm that braids add to your look? There is no denying that braids never fail to make a woman look more meek and modest. Problem is, it could be tiring to do your braids the same way, every single day, right?

Before your brain gets twisted as you try to braid your hair differently, here are some awesome and unique ways that you can try out. These braiding techniques will also give you a more up-to-date look.

Waterfall Braid

Beautiful Waterfall Braid Hairstyles 2013 - 2014
Beautiful Waterfall Braid Hairstyles

This looks like a half updo but with more intricacy. The waterfall braid is characterized by the lovely braid that runs across the back of the head, from one ear to another. The hair at the crown portion is used to create the braid and the rest of the hair just falls down gracefully. To make it look more like cascading waterfalls, some strands from the crown area are inserted through the braids.

Five-Strand Braid

Five Strand Braid Hairstyle for Women 2013 - 2014
Five-Strand Braid

You are familiar with the traditional braid which only uses three segments, right? This one is a more sophisticated look. Instead of creating three sections, you will need to separate your hair to five segments. Doing the five strand braid is pretty much similar to how you would do the traditional one—overlapping the outermost segment and crossing it to the middle segment. The end result would be a wider braid which looks really appealing.

French Fishtail Braid

2012 -2013 Popular Braided Hairstyles for Women: French Fishtail Braid
French Fishtail Braid

The French fishtail braid involves intertwining smaller segments of your hair, about ½ inch per section. The main reason why it is called a French fishtail is because it starts from the top of the crown area and goes until the tips or by the nape. When the style is done, it looks more like two sections which are twisted inwards to keep all strands neatly tucked.

Dutch Braid

 2012 - 2013 hair trends: Dutch Braid Hair Style
Latest hair trends: Dutch Braid Hair Style

Dutch braid is usually done to create a neat and elegant updo. It involves creating mid-section partition on the crown area. The braid starts from one side of the hairline and continues to the nape area. Then, the same thing is done to the other side. If you do not want to put your hair up, do two braids on both sides and then stop as you reach the level of the ears. Then, adjoin the two segments and create a single braid until the tips. With this technique, you can just let the lower half of your hair down.

If all the hair overlapping, segmenting and intertwining seem too mind-boggling for you, the easiest way to learn these techniques is to check out some tutorial videos online. You might need to spend some time just trying to learn them but the important thing is that if you have the drive to do it, then there is no reason why you can’t.

If you are attending a special occasion, it may be best to seek the help of a professional hairstylist. That way, each pull of the braid would come out even and it will be perfectly done. With a neatly done braid, you would definitely be a head turner.

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