Things to Consider Before You Make “The Chop”

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A good friend of mine has always told me: “If you want something badly…try to talk yourself out of it.” Probably the weirdest (or wisest) advice of all time. Regardless, I recently had to take this advice into consideration before I snipped off TEN inches of what was once a waterfall of hair. To help you think through your hair decision, here are a few things to consider before you make “the chop”.

1. Can you bare the stare (and unnecessary comments)?

I have legitimately received the following comments in the last month:
“NO. NO. Why did you cut your hair? It was so pretty.”
“I hate your hair, but I love you.” (no.)
And every woman’s favorite…very vague insult…or compliment (we aren’t sure): “You cut your hair.”
Are you a person that can handle a little backlash from their peers? Does your opinion of things change based on what others think?

2. The “it will grow back” line.

Be weary of talking yourself into a cut. Hair grows on average a 1/2 inch per month (or six inches a year). That means, by cutting my hair (which only took 40 minutes), I will have to wait a year and a half to get my old length back. Can you handle the “awkward stage” of hair growth? Will you be distraught if you don’t like the cut initially?

3. Your hair will style more quickly…or not.

Self-explanatory, but if you are sick and tired of long mornings, cutting is a fantastic option. I went from 30 minutes of style time to 15. Definitely worth a few snarky comments. However, some styles are NOT quick. Be sure to ask your stylist if you are upping maintenance or lowering it.

4. What is your hair texture?

It’s really easy to see a picture of Jennifer Lawrence and decide you are going to snip all your hair off. But, if you have tight curls…you aren’t going to look like Jennifer…you’re going to look like Annie. This is where your stylist comes in. ASK QUESTIONS and be flexible if a cut won’t work for you. Have a backup plan.

5. Do you love ponytails and braids?

Because you won’t when you snip off all your hair. If not being able to throw your hair up without it falling back down is going to drive you crazy, reconsider.

6. Consider your face shape.

Certain cuts aren’t universal. For example, a square face with bangs makes the face appear even more square. For a rundown on selecting the right style for your face shape, click here.

If you aren’t freaking out about cutting your hair yet, we say go for it!

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