Sarah Jessica Parker Long Curly Hairstyle

5 Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles for 2015

Although many celebrities change their hairstyles almost as often as they change their shoes, there are some celebrity hairstyles which continue to remain popular long after the stars have moved on to a new trend. Here are some popular celebrity hairstyles which will be coming back into style and trending again in 2015.

1) Jennifer Aniston’s Layered Look

Jennifer Aniston Layered Medium Hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston Layered Medium Hairstyle

The medium layered look will be making a comeback in 2015, as worn by Jennifer Aniston on the hit series “Friends.” This medium length clumpy layered look was featured in every magazine and was mimicked by fans all over North America. Although this hairstyle will never be as popular as it once was, stylists around the country are constantly having requests for this popular look. Fortunately, the Jennifer Aniston layered look will be back as a popular trend in 2015.

2) Demi Moore’s Sexy Long Hairstyle

Demi Moore Sexy Long Hairstyle

Demi Moore Sexy Long Hairstyle

Women with long hair have always desired Demi Moore’s long, straight, shiny dark hair. Her hairstyle is one of the most requested in salons across the country. Every year women across the country and around the world avidly check out celebrity hairstyles and copy those they like.

3) Sarah Jessica Parker’s Scrunched-Up Hair

Sarah Jessica Parker Long Curly Hairstyle

Sarah Jessica Parker Long Curly Hairstyle

Sarah Jessica Parker’s scrunched-up look is also a favorite among women with naturally curly long hair, and is believed to make a comeback in 2015. Women love this hairstyle because it is easy to create, low maintenance and looks sexy. Simply scrunch some gel into your wet hair, allow it to air dry and you can move on with your day. Unfortunately it only works with women who have a little natural curl in their hair.

4) Farrah Fawcett’s Hairstyle

Farrah Fawcett Hairstyle

Farrah Fawcett Hairstyle

Farrah Fawcett is known for her feathery hairstyle, and this style was a popular trend in her day. While men were struck by this young woman’s style and beauty, women around the world were rushing to the salon to have their hair transformed into the luscious feathery locks like those of Farrah Fawcett’s. Farrah Fawcett’s hairstyle remained a popular fashion trend for almost 10 years, and in 2006 the famous hairstyle was converted to an updated version by celebrity Beyoncé. While this hairstyle has been in and out of style for the past decade, an updated version of it will be in style, especially among celebrity hairstyles in 2015.

5) Halle Berry’s Short Hairstyle

Halle Berry Short Hairstyle

Halle Berry Short Hairstyle

For those who are interested in the short, sexy look, the Halle Berry’s short windblown hairstyle from 2001 looks like it will be making its way back into the popular trend category in 2015. This low maintenance hair style will be a favorite among working women and busy moms in 2015, especially for those who are looking for a practical yet sexy “wash and wear” look. Fortunately, this style is just as modern, sexy and in style in 2015 as it was in 2001.

Celebrity hairstyles 2015 will emerge and evolve from popular hairstyles in the past, but with a twist. Visit your local hair fashion expert to learn what celebrity hairstyle works perfectly for you.

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20 thoughts on “Japanese Hairstyles Gallery”

  1. arronwrath says:

    i would really like some photos of kimonos, make-up and hair of Geishas or Japanese women, i would not ask specifically for Geishas, but they seem to be the only ones who wear kimonos.

  2. jordenkotor says:

    Different, unique hairstyle ideas?
    ok well im tired of the same damn stupid layers and side bangs that EVERYONE does. i want something a little edgier(and NOT a scene or emo cut) and different. im a 13 year old girl, and i have a roundish face. any ideas? thanks!

    oh and pix would be good too 🙂

    no dying it, ive already dyed it, i want HAIRCUTS!!

    my hairs shoulder length right now, so nothing too long.

  3. Willie says:

    I am 13 years old/male. I’m generally looking for the korean/japanese haircut, usually I have medium-long style but i’m looking for something new. Anyone have any good suggestions/pictures: )?

  4. The Beatles says:

    ok now i would like to do the french briad like lauren conrad but the problem is i dont know how to french briad my hair is always getting tangled and i have side bangs i need a helpful video or like step by step on how to do it please explain it in simpliest terms

    Thats the link to the pic

  5. RuMKilleR says:

    can someone give me examples for a good japanese-style haircut? with pictures please…..cause i have kinda long hair…

    pics of me

    what do u recommend?

  6. nothin_nyce1 says:

    Well i have shortish (to my shoulders) thick black hair with straight across bangs and 2 blonde streaks at the front of my hair next to my face. i have a brownish skin tone..not dark dark but brown. i really like asian fashion like korean and japanese. im not going for that j-rock look really, although i don’t mind it i just don’t want something too extreme it wouldn’t work with my face/skin ya know? more like k-pop but im having trouble deciding how i should cut my hair (bangs specifically)…im waiting for it to grow out and i wanted to know what seems like the best “asian” hairstyle for me (i want longish hair hence the growing it out, but short layers can be used) i have no idea what to do with my thick bangs.. also with the blonde on the side should i dye it back to fit the hairstyle better?
    help! lol please and thank you

  7. encyclopath says:

    I used to have a bookmark of a Japanese website that has images of different types of hair styles for Japanese women (completely in Japanese). I was wondering if you guys knew of it or if you could post something similar.

    I remember it started with an R, like Rasyaa or something like that.

  8. baldy eire says:

    Hi! i need help!!! i’m looking for a cute asian hairstyles that can suit my face! it has to be cute, korean/ japanese styles, straight, long, and bangs! i have round face not too round! kinda pointy chin! and i’m also looking for bangs that can suit my face! i have this old hairstyle for 2 years now! and i think i’m getting tire of it! so i want to try something new! please help me! lot of my friends keep asking me to changed my hairstyle! Please included picture so i can see the hairstyles that u think can suit me! thankyou!XD

  9. The Villain says:

    Ok so I kind of want a Japanese Lolita hairstyle, my hair is the right length but I don’t have bangs. I have a side part, is that okay for Lolita hair? I want the japanese lolita bangs. I used to have bangs when I was little and I’m pretty sure I can get them now.
    Would a side part not do well with bangs? Do you have to have a middle part? Here’s the hair I want:

    It kind of has the two strands hanging down beside your bangs.

    Would this be an OK cut for me?

    Thanks :]

  10. Thomas A says:

    Could please tell me some AWSOME hairstyle galleries/ sites because i tried some japanese ones but i could only find 2 really good ones
    anyways please help me!!

  11. airdogspace2 says:

    I want to get a hairstyle so where my forehead doesn’t look so big. Please include pictures! Thx so much!

  12. Con Orpe says:

    I think it’s really sexy. I asked my roommate this and he called it a bun. To me a bun is when a girl has her hair tied back in a ball. I like that kind of bun, too. What is the name of this one though? I really like it a lot. It’s when a woman has her hair pulled back in a hair clip and has her bangs sort of teathered out. It’s the way Sarah Palin does her hair. I don’t like Sarah Palin at all, but I love the way she does her hair.
    My personal favorites are braided pigtails, French braids, and this hairstyle. What is the name of it ladies and gents? Is there a specific name for it?

  13. turg143 says:,0,9
    in particular. I’m interested in knowing what steps 4, 5, and 6 are. The font is too small for me to read =(

  14. evangldbrg says:

    Most hairstyles are short with lots of hair flicked out to the sides and dyed blonde/brown. I just want straight black hair~ Nothing too crazy but not too boring either :3

    Any suggestions? Pictures would be nice!

  15. Spider Pc says:

    Whenever I want to go get a new hairstyle, I always want a picture so I can show them how I want it to be like. Although, it’s always hard for me to choose! Could any of you give me a site where there’s a gallery of different japanese modern hairstyles?

    I like layered hairstyles/cuts!

  16. United says:

    I have naturally curly hair and all i can do to fix it is mousse or gel it then sometimes put in a bow clip or band. I want an actual style. My bff found one this morning that was scene/Jrock (japanese rock music if you don’t know) but lost it, and i don’t know what it was called. Does anyone know that style, or any other suggestions on a scene style for curly hair? Pics would be great. ^^ Thx for the help.
    and no i can’t just straighten it cause it takes me 2 hours to fully straighten my hair.

  17. Coffee t says:

    Hello, I’m 15 years old, and I need a new hairstyle! I really want it to be like those korean actors/japanese actor styles. Here is an example of what i like so far and want it to be(Go to this link and see the second guy from the left? The guy in the red.… So do i need to grow out my hair a lot MORE?, and then get it cut it the way actors normally have it? Do i have to use hairwax? i heard alot of the actors use hairwax. Here is my current hairstyle (Below is the link), it should help a lot on some recommendations of what i need to do. Again, do i need to grow it out more?, And if so in whatever way, what do i need to tell my haircut salon lady to do? It is very embarrassing to go and say, “Here is a picture of an actor, i want you to do this for me”.. So what do i need to do exactly?? Please give percise steps. I’m highly desperate!!
    Here is my hair:

  18. XplicitzZ says:

    preferrably japanese

    i have medium long hair (half way down to my shoulder blade)

    Straight hair.

    I need new things i can do with my hair.

    any pictures or suggestions?

  19. tjpimpin says:

    I have naturally curly hair and all i can do to fix it is mousse or gel it then sometimes put in a bow clip or band. I want an actual style. My bff found one this morning that was scene/Jrock (japanese rock music if you don’t know) but lost it, and i don’t know what it was called. Does anyone know that style, or any other suggestions on a scene style for curly hair? Pics would be great. ^^ Thx for the help.
    and no i can’t just straighten it cause it takes me 2 hours to fully straighten my hair.

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