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Braided Hairstyle Inspirations: The Double Waterfall Braid Updo

Romantic Double Cascade/Waterfall Braid Updo for Women: This fantastic, super-trendy style is great for showing off your long hair in a unique, woven-look braid design!

Beginning from the same side as the long, flowing asymmetric fringe, the hair was braided into an unusual horizontal warp and weft woven braid. The vertical strands were then woven into another, lower braid along the nape. Then both braids were cleverly coiled into an off-center braided bun.

The back accentuates the intricate design with multi-shaded highlights ranging from pale blonde, through golden blonde, a touch of pink and a dramatic row of low-lighted, dark brown hair.

This fabulous hairstyle has a fashionably untidy look and, topped off with retro-1960’s daisy earrings, is guaranteed to turn heads!

Romantic Double Waterfall Braid

Romantic Double Waterfall Braid /Hair Romance

Double Waterfall Braid Updo Hairstyle - Romantic Hairstyles

Double Waterfall Braid Updo Hairstyle – Romantic Hairstyles /Hair Romance

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  1. crzyinluv says:

    I’m a bigger girl with medium length hair, a about 2-3 inches past my shoulders. i want to look really good for homecoming to get the attention of a guy i really like. its not that im shy but i think of myself in very bad ways. so i talk to him alot but dont have the curage to ask him if he’ll go with me. i know he dosent have a dat since two girls turned him down. well about my hair it is very curly, all i have to do is put a kind of gel in my hair and i get ringlets. i like the updo looks but am not sure if they would look good on me. please help me!!
    and my hair is really thick and get poofy if its humid or sometimes it get poofy for no reason.

  2. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    In the recent advert for 2 and a half men on Comedy Central (UK) who is the blonde actress that charlie is going out with but ends up falling for Alan?

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