2013 Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle for Women Over 40
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Cameron Diaz Simple Combed-Back Bob Hairstyle

Stylish short choppy bob hair style for women age over 40
Though Cameron Diaz is most known for her movie roles, she could easily be cast as a model with this simple combed back haircut.

Models often choose to comb their hair in this simple hairstyle for go-sees, the interview or audition for a modeling agency or fashion designer.  In go-sees, agents are looking for strong bone structure and face shape.  By combing hair back with no part and adding no curls, there is no distraction from the complexion, eye color, or the shape of the lips and nose.  Cameron Diaz’s combed back hairstyle leaves her face free for us to feast our eyes on her runway worthy visage. Do you love this look?

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2 thoughts on “Crown Braid Hairstyles”

  1. Erfan says:

    My mother offered to braid my hair each morning, cause shes a hair stylist. She just wants to know what hairstyle I want and I don’t know many hairstyles so.. Im open to suggestions 🙂 Comment your favorite braided hairstyle and if it helps, my face is roundish.. Anyways, thx!

  2. Pacman says:

    Like different ways to style my hair and a long list please with how to do them if they are unknown 🙂 sorry my hairstyle got all boring it’s always on a headband or a clip on tip or a ponytail for tennis but that’s pretty much it!! I have mediumish hair that goes to my shoulders and I have side bangs but they grew all the way to my chin so they are really annoying and don’t work with anything cept for clips so yep that’s about it and thanks for your time and your answers!!

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