Miroslava Duma short wavy bob hairstyles for women
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Daily Soft Wavy Bob Hairstyle for Women

Simple easy daily hair style for women – Miroslava Duma’s bob cut

This twist on the bob-cut gives a contemporary look that’s youthful and suits women of all ages, too!

Miroslava’s lovely glossy hair is cut to just below chin-length, so when curled it will accentuate the mouth and chin in a flattering way. The side parting reveals a nicely rounded forehead with a soft waved section that draws attention to the eyes.

The casual twisty curls are attractive, without being fussy and with one side tucked behind the ear this is a fabulous contemporary-casual look. Ask your stylist to create a very subtle angle; keeping the front strands slightly longer than the back. Smooth on some shine serum and make a defined side part to match this look.

This hairstyle is perfect for oval, square, oblong faces.

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2 thoughts on “Shaggy Hair Style Tips for Women”

  1. Tyler H says:

    I have a round face and long, two-toned hair. The top layer is my natural brown while the bottom layer is black. I usually like to clip-in brightly colored hair extensions.

    I’m really wanting something a bit more edgy. I want to keep most of my length, and I currently love the black in the bottom layer, but everything else just isn’t how I want it. I’d like to have something that looks great up or down and is maybe a bit spiky or shaggy…..weird/crazy, but not over the top.

    Also, any hair colors (natural or not) that you think could go well with fair skin.

    Two recent pictures of me:

    http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q145/brandy0923/l_4655653714b3dbc19a5a875e17e169e3.jpg (hair down)

    http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q145/brandy0923/l_acf21fd2f14c8095a0e9e1b2ef0094c5.jpg (hair up)

    Maybe there’s a long version of this somewhere?


    Please, serious (and polite) answers only! Thank you! =)

  2. Andres C says:

    Hey, so i am going away for the summer and im getting a haircut this week. need to thin out my har a bit but i also wanted to change the style..i want a hot, sexy style! 😛
    i have pretty long hair to about my chest and it is died light brown. my face shape is like amanda bynes/ whitney port. I was thinking alot of layers maybe..i want it to be shaggy so i can let it go and be flowy and attractive 😉
    i have no bangs. and i have naturally wavy hair so it can get puffy if i dont streighten it or sleep on it. Any tips, pictures, or ideas as to what i should do with my hair please let me know 😀 thanxxxxx

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