Hair Knot

The top knot hair style is an elegant updo hair style, which is great for both casual and formal occasions, if you are looking for the latest popular hair knot hairstyles, check out this hair knot gallery. Enjoy.

Find out why this versatile hairstyle is all the rage in Hollywood and check out how our fave celebs rock their knots.

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  • Agent 47

    I have kind of long hair (almost down to my shoulder). It’s always knotted. I wash it twice a day, I put this stuff in it it’s like 3 in 1 for men. It’s shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for men. And then I put in regular conditioner (called Tresemme or something like that). Every time I brush it it’s super knotted and then a few minutes after I brush it it’s knotted again. I don’t want to cut.
    at the person who’s name is ?: that answer wasn’t helpful at all.

  • Phillip123

    okay so over the past two days i had been taking my micro braids out (having them in for only 2 and a half months) but they were ready to come out…so i took them out and about 3 hours ago I decided i wanted to wash my hair…and i had combed it as good as it was gonna get without pulling out my hair and when i got done washing IT WAS OVER WITH! my IS NOW IN BIG UGE KNOTS AND IVE TRIED EVERYTHING OVER THE PAST HOUR TRYING TO GET THEM OUT…detangler and conditioner (the bottles are almost done with) and i cant get the knots out…DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ELSE ON HOW TO GET THE KNOTS OUT SO I WONT HAVE TO CONSIDER THE RISK OF CUTTING MY HAIR….? PLEASE IN URGENT NEED OF HELP!!

    ******I DO NOT RECOMMEND EVER GETTING THE MICRO BRAID EVER (because they too caused my hair to fall out)
    *EDIT UPDATE!!!!*

    Thank You ladies for helping me but unfortunately I did have ti cut my hair to get the knots out but your solutions did help me save some of my hair.
    Thank You :)