Sarah Murdoch Bob Hairstyle for women over 40s
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HairStyle Tips for Women with Medium Length Hairstyles

You have come to the right place for great style ideas for your Medium Length Bob and the tips on how to get it done at home!

Always begin with freshly washed hair which has been towel dried. Apply a good holding product, such as gel or mousse-work through to ends in order to distribute the product evenly. Place your part where you want it and comb basic style into place. Allow hair to dry naturally, or use a hood dryer.

medium legnth hairstyles

medium legnth hairstyles

The two beautiful styles above while they look different, are styled in very much the same way. The first is a mass of gorgeous curls with a hint of vintage Hollywood. The second, is pure Golden Age of Hollywood-you will look like a Starlet from days gone by, don’t forget the bright red lip!

These styles are easily done with hot-rollers; you will be using the medium to large rollers. Begin by making two sections right in the middle of your forehead, each should be the length and width of your roller or less-the smaller your section, the curlier your style will be.

Comb one section straight up, then back till you are holding it just above the scalp-keeping good tension on the roller, wrap section toward forehead and secure. Roller should be sitting right on top of section and should not wiggle around, repeat with section next to it-these two curls will form the wave over the forehead.

Continuing with same size sections, direct the ones in the crown down, and the wrap the sides forward, toward your face.

Direct the sections in the back down. Be sure to allow rollers to cool completely before removing them-when they are removed, be careful not to pull too much on curls as you unwind them. When all curls are in place give them all a light spray with medium hold hairspray, allow to dry.

To style, carefully comb each curl out individually then comb into place, using pictures for reference. Spray all with medium to extra hold hairspray to finish.

Sarah Murdoch Bob Hairstyle for women over 40s

Sarah Murdoch Bob Hairstyle for women over 40s

For a formal look that can be worn dry, or in a “wet look”- Use a large barrel curling iron and curl, everything on sides down, bang and crown back and the back is directed down as well. To comb out just brush through it so that your hair has a pushed back look as above. Spray with a medium to extra hold hairspray.

Don’t forget the hair jewelry, as it is hot for the New Year! Hair combs, jeweled pins, flowers or decorative chopsticks will be all the rage.

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  1. Spider Pc says:

    Okay, some of the names listed here are okay, but some of them, honestly! Like Audio Science? What were these parents thinking?!?
    Sorry, you have to go through all the pics to see the names.

  2. opurt says:

    Fischer or Elfman?

  3. soccermaster1 says:

    An old R.E.M. song…

  4. Paul M says:

    I have a sharp square face, an asymmetrical strong nose (leans to the left), hooded eyes, very high cheekbones (annoyingly so), and very fine, thin, straight hair. Know any good hairstyles for that? (Pictures?) I’m college-age, and would prefer medium long-ish styles, but shorter ones are okay too.

    Oh, and I’m emphasizing that I have THIN fine hair. With very little (if any) natural “body.”

    If someone who really knows what they’re talking about (like a hairstylist?) would prefer a picture, I’d be willing to email one, but I’d rather not just post one.

    I’d like short except I never found one that worked since my hair is so thing and my jaw so very square, so I tend to go for medium to medium-long.

  5. Ryan Z says:

    I was just wondering because they really look like each other! So if anyone knows just let me know please!!

  6. veemodz says:

    I don’t remember the title but I know the plot. This woman who is already almost in her mid 30’s works as a movie critic and is dating her boss for 3 yrs going no where with him so breaks it off goes to a bar with her sister and co-worker/best freind there she meet a guy who is her guess half her age. She leave the bar with him to his apartment were he lives with his freinds there they go to his room and there a cheap buton sofa bed whatch u call it. The hook up every once in a while nothing serious till.. she finds out she might be pregnant. she takes a test and it comes out positive so she tells the guy who is the father of her unborn child telling him that she ganna keep it and that it okay she dosent want anything from him but he say he want to be there cuz his own father left him as a child and doesnt what that for his kid. so through the whole seris they try to both be togerther with “being together” he moves in with her they both try dateing other ppl but it doesnt work out as time goes on the end up going out with each other ectc.
    I know that the guy is like a chife or something
    Shes a movie review critic

  7. Malcolm Hudson says:

    she was blonde and really tall and had a daughter named jodie.
    or something.
    hahahaha. ._____.;;
    yeah, just curious. x]

    she got with alan, sorta, not interested in charlie xD

  8. alberto s says:

    i have an oblong face and i want to change my hairstyle, but i don’t know what kinds of hairstyles would look good on my face. What celebrities have an oblong face…..i would like pics of hairstyles for and oblong face too.

  9. altair says:

    I’m planning on getting one, but I’m not too sure it’ll look good with my spectacles. What do you think? If I’m stuck with it, then probably I’ll get contacts. but hopefully, it’ll look good either way, coz contacts creep me out.
    Don’t judge my look depending on my avatar. I have a wide forehead I’m thinking of covering.

  10. veemodz says:

    What was the mental disorder the doctor in the movie said she had? Does anyone know where I can get more info about the real story? Thanks.

  11. Mackenzie P says:

    She has it in her mind that she is in a real relationship with him. She’s in court being charged criminally for stalking as she tells the judge about her fictitious relationship with the man and everything is played out to show what supposedly happened; You almost believe her because she’s so convincing until you realizes she’s sick. She has multiple personalities and she even communicates with the other person who she calls her friend. She ended up going to jail at the end of the movie.

    I’ve seen this movie a couple times on Lifetime. The woman is blonde and her friend (her other personality) had dark hair. Do you know the name of this movie? Thanks.

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