Long Straight Hairstyles

Here is a gallery of long straight hair styles, if you are looking for the latest celebrity long sleek hairstyles, check it out here. A lot casual and formal long straight hairstyles for you to choose from, enjoy.

Not only women but also men love the sexy long straight hairstyles. The casual long straight hairstyle can be worn everyday at home, work, or in your free time. Long straight hair have been in fashion since centuries and can never be out dated. Long straight hair can be styled in myriad hairstyles and ideas.

These beautiful long hairstyles consist of precision cuts, one length looks, varying layer cuts and razor cuts. Layered hairstyles is one of the most loved and also the most versatile haircut for long hair. Razor cut layers with asymmetrical fringes, is another hairstyle for long hair. Layers also help in giving volume to the hair. Fringes and bangs can completely change the overall look of a hairstyle. Your hairstyle can look either sporty or elegant and chic by just including bangs and fringes.

If you want to get a new fresh long straight hair style, find a favorite hairstyle in this long hairstyles gallery.

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6 Responses to “Long Straight Hairstyles”
  1. gail C says:

    I have long straight blonde hair and no bangs. My part is towards the side of my head instead of down the middle. The closest picture I could find to resemble my hair is here http://m.fairywigs.com/images/pinfo/0/121/121479_2.jpg except my hair is literally pin straight.

  2. Xbox360king says:

    I have long, almost to the waist straight dark brown hair and have run out of ideas for styling it…all I do so far is side part it and side pony tail, please help! If you can, include how to do the hairstyle or where I can find out how! Thank you!
    I have long, almost to the waist straight dark brown hair with blonde highlights and have run out of ideas for styling it…all I do so far is side part it and side pony tail, please help! If you can, include how to do the hairstyle or where I can find out how! Thank you!

  3. Alun J says:

    hey! lol so im a 13 year old girl, and i have like jet black hair. its not think nor thin its kinda medium? my hair is reallly long, a little bit past halfway down my back. i like to do many things with my hair for school, and i love to do little quickie hairstyles that only take a few minutes:) so what im asking is: can you guys give some ideas for hairstyles do with with straight hair because i feel like straightening my hair haha, or you can show me pics or videos if you would like:) i know the usual poof and side braid hairstyles but i really want something a little different. i want to wear my hair down its cool if its not alll the way down. but anyways, thanks for any answerss:D byeee

  4. Jamal says:

    Ok, so my hair is pretty long. It goes to my waist, and is thin. I have layers as well. I really want a casual hairstyle that’s easy to do. Something I can go to school with. Nothing to odd or showy. Usually, I just straighten my hair and go to school, but it’s sooo plain. So, any one know Any cool hairstyles?? :)

  5. whites are not the only racists says:

    okay, i have long blonde hair, its high-fashion model styled. it goes to the small of my back. im NOT cutting it. i have straight accross bangs, that end just below my eyebrows. my hair DOESNT curl, or wave. it crimps, but thats all. its stick straight. i already put it in a high ponytail, and pigtail braids, messy buns, and leave it down, but can you give me ideas for new hairstyles, or how i can curl/ wave my hair? i have highlights and low lights already
    chemical treatments are too hard on my scalp, perms and such, i get a rash on my head, not cute :)
    im looking for something i can wear during the day, or night, on a regular basis.
    i have alot of volume to my hair so, if i tease it, it looks kinda 1980’s ish.
    i love my bangs, and i dont want to grow them out or anything. Thanks tons!
    okay, ms blitzed, thats what my stylist said my hair style is called. just repeating the words that came from her mouth. my hair gets trimmed every 7 weeks, so no my hair is NOT full of split ends. and yes my hair is beautiful. i already met the 4 year old girl that has cancer and will be getting it in September when i cut it, and have it made into a wig. so DONT be so judgmental, and keep your fingers off the keys if your going to be so pissy. im doing something good for the world, something that i doubt you could ever say.

  6. Sergio says:

    that are not popular or modern

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