Long Straight Hairstyles

Cute Long Straight Hairstyles for 2014

Here is a gallery of long straight hair styles, if you are looking for the latest celebrity long sleek hairstyles, check it out here. A lot casual and formal long straight hairstyles for you to choose from, enjoy.

Not only women but also men love the sexy long straight hairstyles. The casual long straight hairstyle can be worn everyday at home, work, or in your free time. Long straight hair have been in fashion since centuries and can never be out dated. Long straight hair can be styled in myriad hairstyles and ideas.

These beautiful long hairstyles consist of precision cuts, one length looks, varying layer cuts and razor cuts. Layered hairstyles is one of the most loved and also the most versatile haircut for long hair. Razor cut layers with asymmetrical fringes, is another hairstyle for long hair. Layers also help in giving volume to the hair. Fringes and bangs can completely change the overall look of a hairstyle. Your hairstyle can look either sporty or elegant and chic by just including bangs and fringes.

If you want to get a new fresh long straight hair style, find a favorite hairstyle in this long hairstyles gallery.

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Short Spiked Black Haircut for Women
Graduated Bob Hairstyle
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5 thoughts on “Fabulous Lob Hairstyles for Women: Popular Medium Length Hair: Long Bob Hairstyles”

  1. rashest_hippo says:

    getting hair cut in a couple of days…. looking forsomething different like a medium or a little shorter inverted bob hairstyle… any advice or sugesstions and pictures?

    i have…
    straight, dark hair, medium skin tone, slightly chubby and oblong face

  2. sarah w says:

    Should I get the Selena Gomez Bob?

    I really like it I think the bob is adorable im in love with it.Im not trying to copy or pose as her.I have a roundish head shape like hers but I have a short neck she has a long neck and I have dark dark brown hair like hers and my hair is also very thick and straight like hers and im 5’7 what do ya’ll think I should do??

    This is the long bob hairstyle I think im gonna get it but a little longer


  3. Mark M says:

    I have a scene haircut right now, but I want it shorter. I have long hair at the moment. Can anyone send me some pictures of shoulder length scene hairstyles?

  4. llb443 says:

    hey i’m looking for a a cute hairstyle ,if u know any i’d like to see

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