Cool short haircut for men 2013-2014

Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2013

Having the right hairstyle can mean the difference between landing that job, promotion, or hot date. And like other fashion, trends change from year to year. Here are the top men’s hairstyle trends for 2013 that will make sure you’re at the top of your game.
Short hair seems to be the prevailing trend for 2013, though there are some new styles for those who like to keep it long. But even among the various short hair styles there seems to be a common thread of short sides to a longer top. The first and most obvious examples of this are the new quiffs and pompadours coming out in 2013. These voluminous styles are good for people with thick hair looking for a nod to the retro. It’s a good way to take a classic cut and put a modern day spin on it.

Mens hairstytles 2013

Mens hairstytles 2013

The quiff and pompadour might be a bit too exotic for everyone. A common trend for men’s short-hair styles, or for those that don’t want to tip the scales too far, is going to be with a closely cropped neck and sides and a moderate length on top 1¼” to 2.5.” From here you can make some custom adjustments, blending the cut, making it messy, you can focus on the peak for something like a Channing Tatum or feature the crown a la Kendrick Lamar.

Cool short haircut for men 2013-2014

Cool short haircut for men 2013

Some variants on the shorter style include growing the sides out a little bit and brushing the longer hair back—the James Franco. Parts will also be making a big return in 2013, with so much of the Mad Men retro culture going around. Think Ryan Gosling or Damian Lewis.

Elegant hairstyles for men 2013

Elegant hairstyles for men 2013

There are some emerging trends that are a bit wilder, exaggerating the prevailing trend by going extremely close on the sides and leaving the top much, much longer—3” to 5.” Conversely, the Ewan McGregor will be a great cut for those not looking for anything too dramatic and something that’s easy to maintain: longer hair on the top and medium on the sides, whipped together casually with some product.
Those with longer hair have some new style options for 2013, although the length should be above the shoulders. The prevailing styles for those with longer hair will be around longer hair that is wavy. Having a natural wave is great, but even putting in a wave is acceptable—as are coloring options to bring out lines or add dimension and shine. While longer hair will certainly be found in 2013, it will almost always be brushed back away from the face and forehead; this is why wavy hair will be so great, as you’ll still be able to add richness and depth without having to plaster it across your forehead. A good example of the style would be Bradley Cooper, although his hair is definitely less wavy than the coming trend.

Sexy long hairstyles for men 2013

Sexy long hairstyles for men 2013

Of course, the trend can always change throughout the year and you’ll have to keep your ear to the ground for changes. But going with any one of these hairstyles will surely put you at the top of the class in 2013.
Author Bio: Steven Madison is a writer for Balani in Chicago. Steven enjoys writing about men’s fashion and hairstyle trends for Balani.

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  1. nyyankees1123 says:

    I know there have been LOTS of ladies over the years trying to be the ‘next’ Mary. None of them have really lasted…

    But it looks like Keyshia has shown she is right there on a ‘musical level’ to really be the next to really rep that hip-hop/soul crown.
    You know this came on me after seeing the “Heaven Sent” video. I’m firstly impressed they even chose that song as a single…. And the video kinda represents LOTS of growth from Keyshia creatively and musically. I HAD to give her props… & I really started believing she’s the REAL DEAL.
    Just to throw in some history… Mary J. Blige was notorious for acting out, missing shows, fighting etc.. doing ALL of the same things Keyshia has done…. Of course, if you JUST became a Mary J. Blige fan over the last 5 years, you may not know that. Folks like me that was down with Mary .. DAY ONE. We know the Mary story… and with all her attitude… musically she has ALWAYS been on point!! And I know Keyshia’s got mad issues… but, musically I can’t front.. she’s has been on point!!
    (actually, Mary was probably worse than Keyshia thinking about it…LOL)
    Diamond… this is ME you’re talking about!!! I know ALL THREE of the women you’re talking about…

    Jully Black & Joy are almost Mary’s age, so they can’t qualify as “princesses” anymore… they are ESTABLISHED at this point… maybe not here in the USA, but they are definitely vets in the game.

    Estelle is younger.. but I don’t consider her pure ‘hip-hop/soul’ though… She’s got a more ‘alternative’ type sound… I’d put her more in a Kelis category.

    Remember folks I’m talking about ‘princess’… a couple of more albums Keyshia will be established…. there will be no more talk of ‘princess’ status… she’d be her own entity by then.

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