Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2013

Having the right hairstyle can mean the difference between landing that job, promotion, or hot date. And like other fashion, trends change from year to year. Here are the top men’s hairstyle trends for 2013 that will make sure you’re at the top of your game.
Short hair seems to be the prevailing trend for 2013, though there are some new styles for those who like to keep it long. But even among the various short hair styles there seems to be a common thread of short sides to a longer top. The first and most obvious examples of this are the new quiffs and pompadours coming out in 2013. These voluminous styles are good for people with thick hair looking for a nod to the retro. It’s a good way to take a classic cut and put a modern day spin on it.

Mens hairstytles 2013
Mens hairstytles 2013

The quiff and pompadour might be a bit too exotic for everyone. A common trend for men’s short-hair styles, or for those that don’t want to tip the scales too far, is going to be with a closely cropped neck and sides and a moderate length on top 1¼” to 2.5.” From here you can make some custom adjustments, blending the cut, making it messy, you can focus on the peak for something like a Channing Tatum or feature the crown a la Kendrick Lamar.

Cool short haircut for men 2013-2014
Cool short haircut for men 2013

Some variants on the shorter style include growing the sides out a little bit and brushing the longer hair back—the James Franco. Parts will also be making a big return in 2013, with so much of the Mad Men retro culture going around. Think Ryan Gosling or Damian Lewis.

Elegant hairstyles for men 2013
Elegant hairstyles for men 2013

There are some emerging trends that are a bit wilder, exaggerating the prevailing trend by going extremely close on the sides and leaving the top much, much longer—3” to 5.” Conversely, the Ewan McGregor will be a great cut for those not looking for anything too dramatic and something that’s easy to maintain: longer hair on the top and medium on the sides, whipped together casually with some product.
Those with longer hair have some new style options for 2013, although the length should be above the shoulders. The prevailing styles for those with longer hair will be around longer hair that is wavy. Having a natural wave is great, but even putting in a wave is acceptable—as are coloring options to bring out lines or add dimension and shine. While longer hair will certainly be found in 2013, it will almost always be brushed back away from the face and forehead; this is why wavy hair will be so great, as you’ll still be able to add richness and depth without having to plaster it across your forehead. A good example of the style would be Bradley Cooper, although his hair is definitely less wavy than the coming trend.

Sexy long hairstyles for men 2013
Sexy long hairstyles for men 2013

Of course, the trend can always change throughout the year and you’ll have to keep your ear to the ground for changes. But going with any one of these hairstyles will surely put you at the top of the class in 2013.
Author Bio: Steven Madison is a writer for Balani in Chicago. Steven enjoys writing about men’s fashion and hairstyle trends for Balani.

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  • therundown2k3

    For me it’s very appealing, tantalizing even.

    Is different from the natural one hairstyle with fringes?’
    Cleopatra’s was a little bulging on the sides, like cobras, a snake with which the Egyptians were obsessed. The European has the tips bent to inside and upwards, really beautiful.
    Did the fringe exist naturally in all cultures? Based on ancient paintings it seems so, right?
    On Caucasian women grows naturally like that, but again, some mothers comb the hair of their daughters at the sides backwards but where did this came from? From natural instinct based on natural patters as common sense may dictate and/or based on stylish works of ancient hairdressers?
    But how powerful is the image of a woman with a hairstyle like this for most people, not just men, but her own mother and father who are the first ones who praise her beauty.

    The most iconic woman with it I think appears to be a model on Marie Claire magazine on the affiche of a French perfume, her hair was dark and her eyes grey. The most perfect setting for wearing the Cleopatra hairstyle?
    That combination described belongs to the realm of typical things. You know, French, alpine women pale white, grey eyes, 5’7”, with a beautiful hyperbolic nose of 45 deg., fleshy medium and triangular lips painted in red.
    Another good example of beauty that can wear it was Sarah Douglas with her big almond eyes, pale skin and straight nose.
    But I think no matter how a woman eyes could be, this hairstyle fits perfectly to women with pale skin, yellowish like many blondes, red, pink, peachy, to all of them equally.

    Recently the new TV commercial of Heineken shows a brunette with trapezoidal grey eyes, half blue, and white skin, and it caused me the impression that made possible my question.
    I think she in fact could have brown hair or blonde, they straightened her hair, added the best polishing products and voilá. A radiant and perfect woman Cleopatra’s style.

    Loona on her video Heaven, used a platinum blonde wig that turned into a machine of attraction.

    Milla Jovovich was a brunette, for the Ultraviolet movie, she was envisioned with the Cleo style on her, tight clothes, and she turned into another iconic temptress, more beautiful than what she had been on her other movies. The fantasy of the producer, scenographer, the sketcher or the scene director became true with a woman like her stepping on this earth.
    Angelina Jolie is wearing it on her movies as super agent. There have been others, but in lewd movies doesn’t worth to mention.

    What do you know? And this is the best hairstyle for you?
    If I had changed seductive instead of beautiful, I think the answers were quite different. I tried to make you to notice this is the most utilized on movies at any epoque, like Jennifer Gardner, Jennifer Aniston and Natalie Portman, so it is the most admired, tempting because it has that aura of innocent woman and temptress at the same time. And see that it returns with so much strength from time to time just because of its relative simplicity (you need a woman with a beautiful hair to do that).

    Also its inherent simplicity is what makes it matter of remembrance that has to be rescue from the past to produce a desired effect. Typically, the image and innocence, malice, and or seduction.

    Of course Farrah Fawcett’s hairstyle, with that curves is maybe one of the most seductive in history. And the braided hair of Jennifer Lawrence (although i hate her movies) it can be seen like cute, ethereal, innocent, perfect for a when a wife (in occasions i would ask her to use a Cleo’s wig

  • RxP DarkBox

    What hairstyle/haircut does he have in fast and furious 1 & 2? He has a wavy, thick smooth type hair and I have straight, thick hair trained forward (asian/male). How would I ask a barber to cut my hair like his. I’m still growing it out to be long and as soon as its long enough I’ll go from there. Please good answers, thanks!