How to Talk to Your Barber About Going Bald

If there’s one fear we men all share, it’s the threat of going bald.

Whether your journey to a shiny head started long ago or your hairline has just started to recede, you have some decisions to make: how to style your hair before reaching complete baldness, and/or when to decide to make the leap and start shaving your head.

Instead of taking this trek alone, enlist the help of a pro – AKA your barber. Balding is a big milestone in most men’s life, so barbers deal with the issue often. And you can trust they won’t lead you astray – your barber may be just the man who shows you how to style your hair to hide a fading hairline, as well as the guy who convinces you when it’s time to embrace hair loss.

If you don’t know how to have the conversation, take a look at our tips below.

Do some detective work.

Balding and thin hair are generally attributed to genetics, but in some cases, environmental or emotional factors could be contributing to your hair jumping ship. Diets and especially stress can take a huge toll on your hair and cause male pattern baldness. Talk to your barber as well as your doctor if you suspect your balding or thinning hair has a root cause other than your DNA.

Put your best face forward.

Just because you’re losing the hair on your head doesn’t mean you have to go clean-shaven on your face, too. Your time of balding could actually be the best time to really focus on your facial hair and try out some new things. For an on-trend look right now, try the Heisenburg Goatee (a la Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad) – it’s a great look for older gents.

Face your fears.

The topic of balding might make you cringe, but understand that it’s important to address the issue no matter what. Most barbers will understand the sensitivity of the topic and will be able to discuss your options in a way that make you feel comfortable with your hair rather than living in fear of it.

If the word “balding” scares you, try talking to your barber about how your hair appears to be “thinning,” then let them take the conversation from there. And remember – you have options besides just shaving your hair completely off. Don’t be afraid to speak up about what you want, but do let your barber offer their professional opinion and suggestions.

Get celeb inspiration.

Celebrities are people too – so even they have issues with balding. Most barbers are up to date on the latest styles and celebrity trends, so talk to your barber about which trend would look best on you. Lots of older celebs embrace balding on top but keep hair on the sides and back, or opt for a super close cut all over. For bald/balding celeb inspiration, take a look at Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery or Jason Statham.

Find the right products.

Whether you’re shaving it off or styling what you have left, you need the right hair and face products to take your look to the next level. For a close shave, try American Crew’s Precision Shave Gel, followed by their Post-Shave Cooling Lotion. American Crew Lubricating Shave Oil will help protect against pesky ingrown hairs – and is great for shaving detailed areas like sideburns and goatees.

For thinning hair, try American Crew Hair Recovery + Thickening Shampoo and American Crew Hair Recovery Foam to promote hair growth, then style with their Grooming Spray.

When you’re starting to bald, your barber can be your best friend. Make a plan, then get the right products to get you there.

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