Milla Jovovich Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle
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Milla Jovovich Short Hairstyle: Sexy Curled Out Bob Cut

Milla Jovovich Clipped-Back Curls: Sexy Messy Curly Bob Hairstyle for Short Hair
Milla Jovovich styled her hair in a pretty mass of messy curls accented with a sparkly silver barrette. Remember those pink and purple plastic barrettes you used to wear on the end of each pigtail back in your grade school days? You know, the ones that were shaped like bows? Milla Jovovich’s lustrous silvery hair clip is a far cry from the cutesy, little girl hair accessories of those good old days.

Her short, chocolate hair is wavy in the front, but more riotous curls start just beyond. Her white and gold textured dress makes us think that one of the cirrus clouds has been harvested and spun into a unique fashion statement. Every cloud does have a silver lining!

This casual short curly hairstyle is good for homecoming, prom and wedding. If you wear short hair, why not try this cut this time?

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One thought on “Shaggy Short Haircut – Layered Short Hairstyle for Square Face Shape”

  1. Ramblin Spirit says:

    ok….so im like 14 yrs old, and i was thinking of getting a long shag or medium shag. But I wasn’t sure which one to get, because im not really sure what they both look like just by reading descriptions and I’m afraid to try because my hair is really really thin and straght (im a korean ^^)…. as in really really REALLY thin >ㅂ~<
    so my question is, what king of shag hairstyle should i get…? i dont wanna really get a emo looking hairstyle (does the long shag look like those? can u guys add pictures of long and medium shags if u can?) but i want layered so my bottom layer shows cuz i might wanna mink it ^^
    oh….and btw, can u guys help me on what to tell my hair stylist cuz shes korean and i dont think she would know what im talking about if i just said i wanted a medium or long shag….thx~! XD
    and i noticed that my jawline has started growing angular so my face kinda looks square now… :[ if that changes anything ^^
    oopsies~ one more thing… u guys can tell my different hairstyles other than shag too ^^

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