Paris Hilton Retro Wedding Updo Hairstyles
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Paris Hilton Sophisticated Sleek Retro Updo Hairstyle for Wedding

Looking for a beautiful retro wedding updo? Here is a great one from Paris Hilton, she was stylish and sophisticated with this sleek retro updo, which is perfect for wedding!

The hair is moistened with moose on already damp hair. A large section on top of the head in an upside down V shape is sleeked down and combed forward and placed in a hot roller away from the face. The remaining hair is sleeked back into a ponytail with an elastic band and then wrapped around to form a bun. The bun is pinned into place and secured with a beaded bun hair net. The hot roller is removed and the hair is curled under and pinned into place, creating a wave effect.

This retro updo for long hair is great for these women who with oval, or round, or square face shape.

Paris Hilton Retro Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

Paris Hilton Retro Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair /Getty Images

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Jennifer Aniston

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    is there a FULL length photo of Jen Aniston in her wedding dress when she married Brad years ago?

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