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18 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles You Should Not Miss – Easy Lob Haircuts

Welcome to today’s up-date on the best long bob hairstyles for round face shapes – as well as long, heart, square and oval faces, too!  I’ve included plenty of wavy long bob hairstyles for fine hair and for thick hair, layered long inverted bob hairstyles with amazing hair color ideas! (Update: and here are more lobs you may love.)

16 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles - Easy Lob Haircuts

16 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles - Easy Lob Haircuts

16 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles - Easy Lob Haircuts

16 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles You Should Not Miss - Easy Lob Haircuts

16 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles You Should Not Miss - Easy Lob Haircuts

Trendy extreme asymmetrical long bob hairstyles for smooth thick hair

long bob haircuts - blonde lob hairstyle


This is a great hairstyle for an oval to round face shape.  It’s really a classic long, angled bob hairstyles’ idea but it’s been brought bang up-to-the-minute by the trendy extreme asymmetry between each side.  The shorter side has a chin-length short layer to break the line and the angle from the back is very steeply cut.

Bouffant big hair long bob hairstyles with vintage twist

Side View of long Inverted Bob Hairstyle


This long, layered bob hairstyles’ idea has a rounder shape than long bob hairstyles for fine hair, giving it a trendy 1960’s look.  The lovely tear-drop shape has extra volume around the crown and back with sliced layers tapered down to the tips.  Blonde-over-brunette hair color ideas create depth and texture on long bob hairstyle updates!

Long blonde angled bob hairstyles with gray & brown low-lights

Inverted Long Bob Hairstyle for Women


This new hair color idea shows we are moving, very gradually, towards the ash-blonde/gray/ash-brown hair color trends that were such popular hairstyles in the 1960’s.  Harsh salon lighting doesn’t do justice to this color, which in better lighting is a softer look adding lots of texture and movement to blonde, inverted bob hairstyles.

Sexy swept-over asymmetry on bright blonde long bob for oval face

Long blonde bob hairstyle for fine hair - lob


There’s something about peek-a-boo long bangs that men find irresistible and this is a great long bob hairstyle for fine hair, too.  Although it’s a glam look, it’s also a natural and easy hairstyles option cut to one-length with blunt-cut tips and dual-blonde highlights.  This long bob hairstyles’ idea for fine hair is suitable for casual and formal occasions!

Shapely medium-long bob hairstyles for fine hair with purple patch!

Rounded bob cut


Here’s a chic long bob hairstyles idea that’s perfect for anyone with medium/fine hair, as it’s a sleek look without volume.  The cut is a long inverted bob hairstyle with just a little layering at the tips to shape the ends.  And to prove it’s a truly trendy long bob hairstyle, there’s a cute random patch of purple gloss on the left profile!

Super-casual long tousled bob hairstyles with trendy bronde hair color ideas

Chic medium ombre wavy bob hairstyle for thick hair


Here’s an all-American look complete with super-cool aviator sunspecs, black leather-jacket and take-away coffee.  The beautiful blend of neutral brown and blonde shades make this long layered bob into a fantastic bronde hair color idea for a long bob hairstyle that’s totally hip!  Long wavy bobs with center partings suit oval/square face shapes.

Smooth & confident extreme long angled bob hairstyles for brunettes

A-line bob - long bob lob hairstyle


This is a confident contemporary look with a side-parting, to suit a round face.  The hair is quite thick, allowing a steeply graduated line from the shorter back with a drop of about 8-inches to finish just past the collar-bone.  The straight lines, touch of height above the bare forehead and length all help make round/heart/square face shapes look more oval!

Glam golden-blonde over platinum long angled bob hairstyles

long angled bob


The pic of Marilyn Monroe inspires this talented stylist’s ‘futuristic’ blonde-bombshell, long angled-bob hairstyles!  This is a very creative year – as this profile shows  in the ‘collar-length’ back with a steep graduation.  But the styling is the star with golden top layers loosely woven to reveal platinum blonde beneath!  Gorgeous party look for medium/fine hair.

Cute choppy long bob hairstyles with golden blonde to white fade


Instagram / hairbykaitlinjade

Medium blonde shades are the most flattering blonde shades to anyone over-25, and the subtle blending of gold into pale blonde shades at the front make this a hair color idea that will suit a wide range of skin-tones.  The ends are a fabulous mix of blunt-cut and textured tips, with strands arranged to create contrasting movement in the side-sections.

Boho brunette long bob with neutral blonde highlights for round/square faces

brown long bob hairstyle with blonde highlights

Instagram / hairbyjessica_

Back in fashion and decorating long layered bob hairstyles, this hair color idea’s previously only been seen on short vintage hairstyles, so it’s a great new look for long angled bob hairstyles!  With forehead-covering diagonal strands and a soft wave at chin-length, this lightly angled bob hairstyle’s a chic, boho look for round/square and heart faces.

Special-date long bob hairstyles with hot contrasting hair color ideas


Instagram / ellaschair

The basic cut is a long angled bob hairstyle with layers added in the lower lengths and sharply tapered, wispy tips.  The rest of this look is far from basic and the rich chestnut brown is covered by dainty blonde defined waves that add lots of 3-D dimension.  The tips are full of lively movement in a cute eye-catching look for prom, party or wedding!

Pure glamor platinum-blonde long bob hairstyles for round face

platinum blonde lob hairstyle for women


Long platinum-blonde bob hairstyles need deep-conditioning to keep the hair soft, but if you’ve got the time this is a real blonde-bombshell look!  The deep side parting and swept-across bangs cut the symmetry of a round face and the length draws the eye down.  Heavily textured tips just above the decolletage are a great way to highlight your cleavage!

Hi-fashion blonde with brown lowlights on long angled bob hairstyles

long bob - Medium Length Layered Haircuts


This tv presenter looks very stylish with this great cut and hair color idea for long bob hairstyles with bangs.  The side parting with swept-across bangs adds asymmetry to hair graduated in an extreme line ending with shaggy, textured tips at the front.  With brunette balayage in random sections, this relaxed long bob hairstyle with bangs is a classy, high-fashion look.

Hot hair color ideas on wavy layered bob hairstyles & long inverted bob hairstyles!

Sexy layered wavy bob hairstyle for thick hair


This wavy bob combines chic hair color ideas with cute waves, for a great party, prom or wedding hairdo! Asymmetric waves on long layered bob hairstyles look great on thin or angular faces/strong jawlines and heart faces, as waves soften the face.  Fab texture, lively movement and blonde ombré create a lovely, long layered bob.

Radical new multi-layered cuts on long layered bob hairstyles

Medium layered lob hairstyle


This is a totally new look for thick hair, creating a fantastic layered finish at the back in a development from the stacked-back cut.  ‘Sliced’ vertical layers are cut to form a gently shaggy graduation on long layered bob hairstyles. With dual highlighting accentuating the exciting new texture and movement, it’s set to be one of this year’s most popular and original long bob hairstyles!

New stacked-back-&-sides multi-layered brunette bob haircuts

Inverted Long Bob Hairstyle


Here’s another creative long layered bob hairstyles’ idea to try, if you have thick hair! The basic shape is for long angled bob hairstyles with added, ‘random’, layers. This long inverted bob hairstyles’ inspiration has a fabulous hair color ideas, too.  Dark roots and tips are separated and softened by a groovy horizontal band of light brown.


balayage bob hairstyles – long bob hairstyles 2017





16 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles - Easy Lob Haircuts

16 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles - Easy Lob Haircuts

16 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles - Easy Lob Haircuts

16 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles - Easy Lob Haircuts

16 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles - Easy Lob Haircuts

16 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles - Easy Lob Haircuts

16 Perfect Long Bob Hairstyles - Easy Lob Haircuts

Hope you’ve found yourself a trendy new look from today’s gorgeous gallery of long bob hairstyles and easy lob haircuts, to keep you looking and feeling fantastic!

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