Prom Hair Ideas: Lovely Tousled Wavy Hairstyle - Tila Tequila's Hairstyles
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Prom Hair Idea: Lovely Tousled Wavy Hairstyle – Tila Tequila’s Hairstyles

Popular hairstyles for girls: Tila looks young and adorable in this tousled style with lovely long waves flowing around her shoulders!

The hair is mostly one-length and has a crooked side parting in keeping with the youthful, messy finish.  The front sections are draped softly over Tila’s high forehead, cutting off the corners and softening the line.  The top is smooth and decorated with a sweet, little diamanté tiara adding a little height.

The lower lengths are arranged in a mixture of waves and straighter sections, with one side brought over the shoulder highlighting Tila’s smooth skin.  The base colour is caramel, with darker balayage accents at the back and a few face-flattering highlights at the front.

The result is a tousled, trendy look that fits in well with Tila’s ‘street’ style! Do you love this style?

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15 thoughts on “Short Boy Cuts for Women”

  1. Xedo says:

    I am a short freshmen, thinking about a pixie cut to start school. My hair is thick and curly and my face is roundish. I am blonde


    My wife has always worn her hair quite short, but this weekend she got it cut into what I would call a boys mushroom cut. Basically the top is cut just like a regular short, layered, ladies haircut, about one and a half inches long. But its the back of the haircut thats different. There is a very straight, severe, weight line cut straight across at the tops of her ears, and the hair below the line is buzzed to stubble. Back in the nineties it was somewhat common to see this style on women, but today you only see it on three year old boys. I really think she looks cute in this style, but it is so different, is it coming back into style?

  3. Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    Do guys like girls with like boy short hair? Well to me they seem not to. Ever since I got my hair cut that short no guy has really liked me. Guys…….What is wrong with girls with short hair? I think some look really good with it. Some models have really short hair and they are pretty.

  4. balinderk2000 says:

    I was just wondering because women will cut their hair and then let it grow out. Its so temporary.

  5. Big Banger says:

    Now girls are boy-cutting their hair. Are they to be admired? What makes them do that? please think a bit and share it with us

  6. Alex says:

    Recently my wife got her hair cut into what I always called a boys mushroom cut. Basically there is a very straight,severe line cut across the back of her head, right at the tops of her ears. The hair below the line is clipper shaved to stubble, and the top is just like a regular short layered ladies haircut,maybe 1 1/2 inches long. From the front her haircut does not look like anything out of the ordinary, but from the back it is shocking.I remember this being a popular boys haircut years ago, and on rare occasions seeing it on a lady. Has this haircut come back into style, or has my wife’s stylist lost it?

  7. _marky_mark_ says:

    I really want to cut all of my permed hair off, but I only have about 1 month’s growth of natural hair. I’m afraid to do it because of how I might look and what others might think of me (I’m going to start college next month). How do you think short natural hair (like a boy’s hairstyle) looks on black women?

  8. United says:

    This is for all you guys out there. Do you like girls with short hair ( ear length or shorter) (like boy short)? Do you think its hot if the cut does make the women look attractive?

  9. RxP DarkBox says:

    My friend is a plastic surgeon, he says most women come to him with strange requests like i want a kim kardashian butt ! i want a kelly brook breast ! angelina jolie lips etc etc

    Not just there they then change hair colors as frequents as seasons or even shortly, then there are a hell lot of things after these like attire to personality & attitude, everything is copied.

    Do they know all these are harmful to them & they won’t make the same amount of money as these celebrities do.

    I think there is a lack of awareness in women regarding this, why so much desperation, us men don’t get all worked with Male celebrities.

  10. blarg blarg says:
    I wont my hair a Little longer than eminems- please give any feedback or if not any ideas for hairstyles
    p.s im a rapper
    p.p.s preferably women but men will be fine.

  11. Roflcopter says:

    Is there a difference in the cut/style between boys and girls gym shorts?

  12. Con Orpe says:

    Im thinking about cutting my hair short. Like really short Not like the older women do but pretty short. I was wondering if anyone did this and how it looked. I have a round face and im tall and skinny. I wanna do it cause i cant stand my hair on my shoulders and it looks horrible up. Its really damaged so it will help with that too. I just wanna hear yalls stories. Thanks.

  13. Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    im quite tall, thin, and i have long straight black hair and does anyone know what type of hair cuts will suit me, coz im sick and tired of getting layered/feathered cuts? and i want something new
    can anyone help me?
    thanks x

  14. Sophia C says:

    It’s usually women. So why do they?

  15. Only Business says:

    Yesterday my wife got her already short hair cut into what I would call a boy’s mushroom cut. Basically the top of her hair is cut in a regular short, layered, ladies style, about an inch and a half long. But its the back where it gets interesting, there is a very straight, severe, weight line cut straight across, from top of ear to top of ear. The hair below the line is shaved to stubble. The only time recently that I have seen this hairstyle is on three year old boys. Back in the early nineties women sometimes wore this style, although I think it was more popular with teen age boys, even then. I must say it looks real cute on her, but I was wondering since I never see another woman wearing her hair like this. Is this hairstyle becoming popular again?

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