Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna Hairstyles 2013 The Short Pixie Cut!

Rihanna’s hairstyles are rated R—for rock-chic! Cut, color, texture — Rihanna does it all. This gallery of her ever-changing hairstyles through the years showcases just how fearless the singer is when it comes to wearing what’s hot and paving the way for others to follow her lead. From bold bobs to punk pixies, Rihanna has done it all. Browse the gallery of  Rihanna’s hair styles here and find your favorite.

Gallery of Rihanna Hairstyles

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  • Jamal

    These two women are unique and amazing in their own right but who do you guys think is better in:

    Personally i think Beyonce is better looking but Rihanna has a much better body.
    (2)-Better songs
    Perosnally I think Rihanna makes better songs as they are more catchy where as Beyonces songs have better lyrics but mostly are about women which is a minus.
    (3)-Better live songs
    I think Beyonce

    (4)-Better overall!!

  • supernerd567

    What is the meaning of the song Black Butterflies by Rihanna?

  • Taylor2k

    Cassie is fine but Rihanna keeps coming with hits

  • Xedo

    does anyone know the real reason why chris beat rihanna?
    **just curious.

  • llb443

    I lOVE rihanna!Is she honestly the best?

  • alberto s

    OK really why do people compare these two artist?
    All the time they are compared it’s super annoying
    I love Rihanna and Beyonce, all their songs rock, but what gets annoying is their Live performances everyone just loves to judge.

    Look Rihanna is 20 gonna be 21 in feb
    Beyonce is 27 yrs old

    Beyonce Nails every single note at every live performance she is the QUEEN B lol

    Rihanna doesn’t hit the notes all the time, but i love her voice it’s awesome i even liked that performance of disturbia at the vma’s even though she didn’t do that well. If you looked at recent events like star academy finale and the concerts she’s being singing a lot better even a disturbia performance i saw was a lot better from the vma one.

    Seriously why do yall compare them? they are in two different leagues so stop comparing them v.v ughh XD

    Beyonce is awesome and so is Rihanna (well to me)

    I’m super obsessed with Rihanna, but i think she needs a lonnnng way to even be like Beyonce lol

    but no why do people compare these two?