Rihanna Hairstyles 2013 The Short Pixie Cut!

Rihanna’s hairstyles are rated R—for rock-chic! Cut, color, texture — Rihanna does it all. This gallery of her ever-changing hairstyles through the years showcases just how fearless the singer is when it comes to wearing what’s hot and paving the way for others to follow her lead. From bold bobs to punk pixies, Rihanna has done it all. Browse the gallery of  Rihanna’s hair styles here and find your favorite.

Gallery of Rihanna Hairstyles

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Youthful Timeless Twisted Chignon Updo

3 thoughts on “Youthful Timeless Twisted Chignon Updo”

  1. jdfan says:

    I need to learn how to french braid my bangs and how to do a tight slick bun on the side! I have hair a little bit past my shoulders! I need full instructions! Thanks!!!

  2. krow147 says:

    The song has a relatively fast chorus, and i heard it in my Spanish class once, and i didn’t catch many of the words, but i think that the chorus started with “Tu Carrera” once, and “Tu Voz” a different time, and it was sung by a man. Can anyone help me?

  3. Pacman says:

    I have straight and long hair (not very long, slightly more than 15cm past my shoulders). I think im supposed to twist my hair and then use bobby pins to secure it into a bun. Thats what I have gathered after reading websites and magazines. I have tried tying a chignon but it always turn out messy. Please give me some tips (: thank u!

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