Short Straight Rainbow Bob Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

Looking for a new short classic bob hair style with bright hair colors? O.K. Here is a cool stylish trendy short bob hair style from a Japanese girl who sports amazing bright hair colors. Hope you love it.
This short bob hair style is blow-waved smooth to frame the face and jaw-line. The bangs are blunt cut and blow-waved straight to frame the face for a stylish finish. I do love these bright colors: pink, purple, yellow, red etc.

Short Rainbow Bob Hairstyle 2013
Short Rainbow Bob Hairstyle for Girls

Bob hairstyles were very popular in last year, and continue to be a common choice for women in this year. More and more women are attracted to the idea of going a bit shorter with their hair length.

Left Side View of Short Rainbow Hairstyle
Left Side View of Short Rainbow Hairstyle

Consider a bob if you’re looking for a trendy, flattering, and easy to maintain haircut. With many examples of celebrities opting for bob hairstyles from earlobe to demi to shoulder-length. Bob hairstyles are easy to maintain option for thin or thick hair. Today I’d like to show you a trendy stylish short rainbow bob hair style, some of you may not like this hair, but the one who love bright hair colors may love this one.

Back View of Short Rainbow Hairstyle
Back View of Short Rainbow Hairstyle

An angled short straight bob hair cut with blunt bangs. There are endless variations to play with for bob hairstyles. Try parts at the center or to either side. Bangs also radically change the appearance of the hairstyle and tailor the look to your style and face shape.

Right Side View of Short Rainbow Bob Hairstyle
Right Side View of Short Rainbow Bob Hairstyle

This short bob haircut is great for Round, Oval, Heart, and Triangular face shapes. Find more in our hair styles gallery or find more bob haircuts here.

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2 Responses to “Short Straight Rainbow Bob Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs”
  1. Gabriel Kenney says:

    I’m looking for a new hairstyle. I want to grow my hair to my waist. If you have any cute pictures, please post a link!

    I like these 3 styles so far:

    Do you like them?

    I have super straight, dark brown hair that falls right above my chest. I’m Chinese-American, about 5″8′, with an oval face shape, and I’m a little on the curvy (nice word for chubby) side!

  2. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    Really wanna know actually doesnt have to be asian i just wanna know for mediumy long hair what are the best haircuts i could get wanna do something new

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