Short Wavy Hairstyles for Women

Short wavy hairstyles are popular amongst people of all age groups, if you are looking for the latest celebrity short wavy haircuts, here it is. This is a gallery of the latest new trendy short wavy hair styles for ladies.

The short hair is popular these days, and the wavy hair looks gorgeous on almost all women. Wavy hair is a very versatile hair texture. There are several ways of styling tresses in wavy hairstyles. You don’t need to be born with wavy hair to get these elegant haircuts. There’s no dearth of styling options when it comes to wavy hairstyles for women with short tresses. Find your favorite short wavy haircuts here. Just click the thumbnail to view large images and details.

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  • Con Orpe

    i have light brown and wavy hair with long layers thats about medium length probably 4-5 inches below my shoulders. and i want to get a hair cut, and im kind of thinking to get it cut to just above my shoulders and shorter layers, but not any shorter than my ears! so i was wondering if anyone has any cute ideas that are not too drastict, and so my hair will still be wavy, but when i want to straighten it, it turns out really sleek, but i can still put it in a pony tail! THANKS! :)

  • kass9191

    I’m looking for hairstyles/haircuts for womans who have long wavy hair. Does anyone know some? Please and thank you.