10 Best Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Short Hair

Trendy Short Haircuts

There are many things you can do to keep your hair trendy this season. With short hair styles being super hot right now, there are plenty to choose from. Short hair is great for everyone and gives you the advantage of being low maintenance. Choosing to chop off your hair for the summer will keep you feeling cool and in style. Now may be the best time to finally go for it and get the trendy cut you’ve been wanting to try. If you already have short hair, you may want to try a different cut and style out to see how it works for your hair.

These short hairstyles are excellent for the season. The trendy looks are for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. A haircut can make you feel brand new and give you a new confidence that will make you shine. Go ahead and borrow those ideas to take with you to the salon. You can relax and kick back knowing your hair won’t take you much work in the morning. The time saved from trying a short haircut will give you time to do more of the things you really love, like sleeping.

1. Edgy Haircut With Bangs For Women

This look would be a great one to try this summer. Though the cut is smooth and polished, the A-line style makes for just the right amount of edginess. The addition of thick bangs keeps the focus on the face. If you want to frame your eyes so they stand out, this look will work perfectly for you.

2. Trendy Pixie Cut With Shaved Design

For this look, you may want to look up a local barber shop. The pixie cut is trendy right now and will have you feeling like you have the hippest hair around. For the design, barber shops are usually the best place to go, they have experience with all different types. You can look up ideas or come up with your own unique one, and here is a great short haircut for you to choose from if you love this pixie haircut.

3. Polished And Professional Short Hair

This polished look is beautiful and would be great for a professional who loves short hair. The rose gold color shown is a great pair, not just for this cut, but any of the ones on this list. The color is very trendy right now, and you can’t deny that is stunning as hair color.

4. Choppy Style Haircut

This choppy bob is for just about everyone. The layers in the style shown compliment just about every hair type. Bobs are a classic style, this one, in particular, taking a modern spin with the style of the cut and the colors. The strands of blue can be done in your favorite color, or you can keep your hair all one color instead.

5. Dramatic A-line Bob

I love the drama of the extra length in the front of this hairstyle. It makes the cut feel extra edgy. This style would be great for someone who loves to try new things. You’ll have heads turning to see you when you walk in the room. With bob haircuts being one of the most popular, this cut keeps it original, so few people will have the same cut as you.

6. Short Hair Transformation

Transformations are one of the best feelings in the world. Having long hair cut to a short on like this will have a person feeling like a whole new woman. Deciding to cut long hair off can be one of the biggest hair decisions a person can make. It can take some getting used to so don’t get discouraged. Just like getting a new tattoo, eventually, your trendy new hair will become a part of who you are.

7. Bob Cuts

We’ve already talked about how trendy bob cuts are, and the truth is, they are probably the hottest haircut right now. When summer hits and women cut their hair to stay cool in the heat, this seems to be the biggest go to style for everyone. The classic bob cut is so popular because of its versatility, and the fact that everyone looks good in it.

8. Layers and Side Bangs

This bob cut has lots of layers in the back. These layers add body to the hair and give you more options for styling. They also make it easy to just throw in some mousse and tousle the hair for a cute and easy messy look. The longer bangs swept to the side make for a very pretty combination.

9. One Length Bob

To make a one length bob trendy, play with the texture of the hair. If your hair is naturally flat and straight, add on your own by giving yourself some curls or waves. A large barreled curling iron will work wonders to turn a plain bob into a super stylish look.

10. Textured longer pink pixie cut

Side view of latest hot short haircut for young laides.

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