Celebrity Side Swept Curly Updos
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Some Great Side Swept Curly Updos You May Love

If you are looking for hair inspiration for your formal event, wedding, prom, or any other special occasion, the updo is a great hair for these formal occasions. The hottest updos right now, whether they’re left down, or adorned with a jeweled accessory, are sexy side-swept updos looks. Today I’d like to present you some beautiful side swept curly updos.

Debby Ryan Side Swept Curly Updos

Debby Ryan Side Swept Curly Updos

Debby Ryan wearing her hair in a loose side bun with long curly tendrils.

Amy Childs Red Updo Hairstyle

Amy Childs Red Updo

This is an elegant updo in red. Amy Childs wore her hair in a mass of side-swept curls at the National Television Awards. The long side swept bangs soften the front of the face and complete this up-style beautifully.

Side Swept Curly Updos

Side Swept Curly Updos

Marion Cotillard showed off her side swept curls. This lovely updo is pulled over to one side and pinned to the head forming this beautiful wavy curly hairstyle which will compliment any long, oval, oblog face shapes. The French actress always manages to keep her hair looking fresh.

Blonde Side Swept Curly Updos

Blonde Side Swept Curly Updo

This is a elegant curly updos, great for medium short hair. Soft curls swept to the side make this updo both unique and flattering. This is a great updo for Round, Oval, Square, Heart, and Triangular face shapes.

Celebrity Side Swept Curly Updos

Celebrity Side Swept Curly Updos

Taylor Swift wore medium-short curly hair style this time. A softly swept aside, curly updo is as sweet as a Taylor Swift ballad. Undone texture and delicate tendrils add to the romantic effect.

Side Swept Black Curly Updo 2013

Side Swept Black Curly Updo

This is a lovely black updo, side-swept style as worn by Melanie Fiona.

Latest Side Swept Updos

Latest Side Swept Updos

Cute Side-Swept Hair Styles

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11 thoughts on “Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Women”

  1. Malcolm Hudson says:

    What is the name of the hairstyle where the hair is spiked towards the middle of the head and it is spiked up? Kind of like a fish.

  2. Myles says:

    So my hair is thick long curly hair see picture below :

    And would love to get this haircut :

    Is it possible to go from that curly look to have this haircut ???

  3. alberto s says:

    What type of Haircut or hairstyle should I get I have medium hair.

    The right side of my back of my hair always seem to curl to the right and doesn’t really grow down but my left side is fine.

    My front is fairly long just up to my eyebrows.

    And my sides are just just in level with the bottom of my ear lobe.

    My hair is black and is fairly straight.
    I am a guy

  4. jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    Hi. Recently I’ve changed my hairstyle to a faux hawk style. I was wondering if this is appropriate for a co-op recruiting event or if I should change it to something less extreme? Please give me some suggestions / advice for my hair in a professional business setting. Thanks.

  5. JOHN KAISER PHD says:

    i have had a short faux hawk but don’t like it anymore cuz a lot of people have it now!
    anyone know any cool haircuts for guys?

    i had faux hawk before it was cool. lol

  6. Jonathan says:

    ok im looking for this haircut i’ve seen guys wearing. It’s sort of a regular faux-hawk on top but the sides are shorter and it gets longer towards the back. it’s sort of cut more like a semi mullet? because it’s longer down the hairline of the neck but it has texture like a faux-hawk.

    What’s it called? 10 points for most helpful answer. Pics appreciated.

  7. ConfusionnaJob says:

    my hair is cut like victoria beckham’s in a concave bob or Pob but a few inches longer than hers. i want a faux hawk really bad because i think it is super cute. my question is, can i just cut short layers at the top of my hair and then tease and spray them into a faux hawk? if so, how short do the layers have to be? i tried it with the hair i have now and my hair is too long for it and makes me look like a crazy person because it is so tall. so how short? and can i do layers instead of cutting all my hair? those are my questions. and please people, no retarded answers trying to tell me its ugly and crap like that. straight up answers please.

  8. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    Ok so the hairstyle (i am aiming for) is spiked up, kinda like a faux hawk, with very little detail on sides…. My hair would be classified as “thick” (it’s not thick, it’s just not super thin), and it’s straight, but gets wavy when long :]

    What product would you recommend for spikes (preferably a product available in stores like walmart, cvs, target, etc) And what shampoo, and conditioners should i use?

  9. jdfan says:

    I think the hair style is kind of like a Mohawk. The side are short and the back is medium short and goes down to the nek in kind of a diagonal shape. And the top is the same length or maybe a bit longer than the back. Ps I’m not looking for an original Mohawk. But please answer with a link or picture etc, I know it’s quite vague

  10. kamikami says:

    Personal experience only!!!

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