Romantic and Stylish Updos for Short Hair (How to)

Short Hair Upstyles for Day Wear

Yes, that’s right for everyday wear!  Short hair is more versatile than many women realize and you can easily create trendy upstyles for anytime wear by following a few simple steps.

Step by Step for Short Hair Updo

  1. On damp hair, apply your favorite styling product and blow-dry your hair straight using a brush.
  2. Next apply a little wax or gel to your hands and distribute it through your dry hair, running your hands through your hair to distribute it well in a front to back direction.
  3. For a touch of flattering height on top, tease the top layer.
  4. Then secure your hair just past the crown with hairgrips or a transparent elastic.
  5. Check how it looks from all angles and when you’re ready, give it a good spray with fixing hairspray or add a tortoiseshell headband or any narrow headband.

For stay-in-place styling try:

  • Short, Sexy Hair Control – Maniac Styling Wax
  • Shu Uemura – Versatile Styling Cream

Formal Upstyles on Short Hair

These styles are chic, edgy and contemporary and will provide you with a fabulous look for any formal event.  The process is simple, so here’s the guide:

How to Create a Formal Upstyle on Short Hair

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  1. If your hair is straight, you’ll need to curl it first with rollers, bendy curlers or with a heated wand. (Before you do this, apply a small amount of styling mousse onto your damp hair.)
  2. So with your hair dry and curled, mist it with a little hairspray, then pick up a strand of hair and fix it back behind the crown with bobby pins.
  3. Continue this until you have a look you like and then spray again to fix your upstyle in place.

Wedding Upstyles on Short Hair

You really don’t need to have elaborate curls and long hair to look romantic and beautiful for your wedding day!  Take a look at these short hair updo’s and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Gwen Stefani is wearing a stunning and original style, with the focal point being a French Twist set just above the forehead!

And here’s how to copy this fabulously different look:

What you’ll need

  • Extra-strong hairspray – we recommend an unscented one like Elnett, so it won’t overpower your wedding-day perfume.
  • Hair pomade with beeswax – a natural ingredient that won’t damage your hair and will fix it firmly in place all day.

How to Create a Forehead Swirl, Quiff or Twist

  1. Comb your hair through and then apply a generous dollop of styling pomade or cream.
  2. Then brush your hair up to the top of your forehead and make the French Roll (or quiff), fixing it with hairgrips and sufficient pomade and hairspray to ensure it’s secure.

So, as you can see there are lots of exciting, new styles you can easily do at home to produce ultra-stylish and chic updo’s on your versatile short hair!

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