Sophisticated & Casual Blonde Topknot for Summer
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Summer Hair Ideas: Sophisticated & Casual Blonde Topknot

Updo for summer

This is one of those elegant, ‘less-is-more’ hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion and especially good for showing off the beautiful colour of your hair!

The hair is just swept up to the crown into a loosely tied pony tail on the crown and then twisted and pinned into a shiny, messy topknot.  The unbrushed, loosely styled hair beneath the topknot is allowed to curve out giving attractive volume and fullness, highlighted by the subtle mix of beautifully harmonised pale blonde shades.

Wisps of hair are left to decorate the nape and sides in a relaxed fashion and the topknot surprises with a couple of inches of hair poking cheekily out at the back!

The volume from the topknot adds attractive, sophisticated volume at the crown kept strictly up-to-the-minute by the contemporary quirky styling!

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One thought on “Celebrity Paris Hilton Sexy Long Hairstyles for Summer”

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