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Uberliss treated hair before and after 1

I have always battled with my naturally wavy, and always frizzy hair. Back in the day, I relied on heavy-duty gel and blow-drying with a round brush to smooth my hair out. Then fortunately flat irons hit the scene, which saved me mucho amounts of gel and frustration and has been my go-to styling routine ever since. However, not even the most expensive flat iron and top of the line hair gel can prevent my frizz from putting itself on proud display during those über humid, hot Midwest days.

Yes, I had heard of keratin hair straightening treatments before, but since I don’t have consistent curls, did not think a keratin treatment would be worth my time or money. Until I heard about Überliss.

Uberliss treated hair

Hairstyles Weekly asked if I wanted try out the new straightening treatment fresh out of Brazil, that is appropriate for gals just like me, women with frizzy to mildly curly hair that desire lower maintenance, straight, sleek locks. Excited at the idea of no longer having mandatory blow-dry sessions, I eagerly agreed, and off to the Salon Commodities test salon I went to receive my complimentary Überliss treatment, but not before I received my fancy Überliss hair care products from Hairstyles Weekly in the mail.

Überliss products arriving in the mail via Hairstyles Weekly Überliss products arriving in the mail via Hairstyles Weekly
The treatment consisted of three steps to transform my hair. First, a fiber expander was sprayed on my hair, and under the steam heat I went, to let the fibers of my hair open up to receive the chemicals.

After some time spent under the dryer, the fiber expander was rinsed out of my hair, and Step Two was applied. The actual chemical crème, the “Fiber Restructure,” was applied to my hair in order to make it stronger, straighter, and smoother. I spent some time under steam heat once again after the crème was applied, comfortable with complimentary beverages and magazines.

Uberliss treated straight hair

Once the crème was rinsed out of my hair, the most time consuming portion of the treatment took place- the actual straightening. It took about 45 minutes for Tracy, my stylist, to straighten out my hair one very small strand at a time, where I covered my ear with a spoon when she was close to them, since the iron was so hot.

Ear spoon

After the straightening was complete, a hair mask was applied to my hair to über deep condition it, where I, for a final time, sat under the steam heat to let my hair absorb all of the nutrients from the deep conditioner.

My hair after being straightened the first time My hair after being straightened the first time
My hair was rinsed one last time, Überliss oil applied, and a final dry and iron took place, revealing the straightest hair I have ever seen on myself. I could only wonder what my hair would look like in a week’s time.

The finished product! The finished product!

Uberliss treated hair before and after 1

Before I get to the end result, I do want to mention two downsides to the process. One: you cannot pull your hair back in any way (no ponies!) for 3 full days (72 hours) to allow the hair to fully set. They advise against getting hair wet during that 72 hour period as well (Hair can be rinsed after the treatment but NOT shampooed. It isn’t recommended however it is definitely an option.) Pulling it back could cause permanent kinks in your stands, and getting it wet would reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Secondly, it completely faded out my hair color. If you don’t color your hair, no worries! But if you color like I do (bold and beautiful red, baby!), get the treatment at the end of your six weeks, because you can apply fresh color one week after the Überliss treatment.

Several weeks later, I am LOVING my Überliss treated hair. I have only used my blow dryer once since my treatment, and my hair looks incredibly smooth and healthy. Also, I am also able to style however I want to! I’ve only tried a couple of my favorites, such as the Top Knot:

Top Knot love! Top Knot love!
and, the sock bun. Wondering how to achieve the perfect sock bun? Check out our tutorial here!

Sock bun love! Sock bun love!

I was told I could curl it, too, with the help of a curling iron, but have yet to try it out. I’m enjoying my sleek, silky straight locks too much! And now that spring seems to finally be making itself warmly (and humidly) known in Chicago, the timing could not have been better.

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