The Graduated Bob Hairstyles

If you like short hairstyles, consider a graduated bob haircut. These graduated bob hairstyles pictures show off some of the hottest short bob haircuts this year.

Graduated bob hairstyle was made famous by Victoria Beckham, which is an easy to maintain haircut, a lot female do love this cut very much, and can be styled and colored in many ways to create a unique look, here are some great graduated bob hairstyles pictures for you to choose from, enjoy! Like us on Facebook and follow our twitter to get the latest new hairstyles.

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Victoria Beckham Graduated bob
Victoria Beckham Classic Graduated bob Haircut

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  • Hannah
  • shahrukh

    i have a oval face..with small eyes…no sharp features…wheatish complexion…currently..i have long hair…with a pony tied…but ther,s little volume to my hair…i also have flicks…how do i modify this hairstyle to look better or wat kind of hairstyle shud i do?

  • kass9191

    cuz for 2007 it was the long hair with bangs…..but what is this years?

  • dubmecrazy3
  • Jesse

    I love the hair and would love to do that style. However, I haven’t got the faintest idea how to do it or what it’s called.

  • kiltakblog

    I have medium hair.. My hair is always messy cz i don’t know wat to do with it… So pllzz I need a good answer .. Thnkz :)

  • jdubdoubleu7704

    i want ot get the greaduated bob. but if i don’t like it, i’m stuck with short hair. i also have really thick hair and am scared that if i do get it cut, iti maight look like a big poof

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran

    I have a layered, slightly graduated bob that is stacked in the back. I have absolutly no idea what to do with it for prom. I don’t want it too formal, because I’m going mostly to hang out with my friends and boyfriend, but I don’t want to look completly out of place.

  • Beavis

    I am graduating from college and i want to change me completely! staring with my hair!

  • sarah w

    Here’s a picture of me.
    Thank you for answering!
    I’m only cutting it short to get rid of split ends.

  • davemc74656

    okay so the hairstyles that are pretty popular right now.. the short bobs that angle down in the front with bangs is what im looking for but i have searched google images for hours and cant find what im looking for. help? ):

  • thinkthought

    dose any one know where i can find pics for hairstyle ideas?..cuz i dont wanna cut my hair..but i no i may have no choice….and i dnt wanna be harrased by my ds….any bright ideas?…i am hispanic and hatian…my hair is water i can brush it stright..

  • Agent 47

    Face shape: Heart
    Pale complexion, big eyes, long neck, pretty tall (5’7), and pretty skinny.


    I’m not sure; I might want something completely different. What do you think?

  • lets roll

    If so, can you tell me if there is anything I need to know before sending?

    Its for my victoria crazy friend.

  • Samuro

    I had a very fat face and I became underweight trying to lose weight off it. I’ve now learnt that I just have a very round face as the rest of me is actually quite thin. I want a hair style that’ll make my face look thinner. My cheecks are huge.
    Also, I have quite a big forehead.
    If you could recommend some fringe types or hair styles for me then that would be great, especially if you could include links.
    Thank you :)

  • Jamal

    I have black hair that is a few inches past my shoulders. I always have my hair up in a ponytail because I hate having my hair in my face. I want to cut it short but I cant find a short hairstyle that I like yet. I have an ovalish face and I wear glasses.

  • Matthew David

    Hi,I’m fourteen and I’m graduating from grade eight.I really need a good hairstyle that will suit me (even though i cant upload a picture).I have longish about 2 inches past my shoulders curly thick brown hair.I also have an ovalish face shape with big blue eyes…some people say that I look a little like miley cyrus.Um,I know its kinda hard picking a hairstyle for me with no picture,(maybe you guys could put a picture of the hairstyle) but i really appreciate the help,thanks !:)

  • timq3dimensionscom

    im graduating next week…. [college] and i have short hair …… any good hairstyles?? thanks

  • Jason

    I’ve never really liked the sight of Victoria Beckham, as don’t think she’s attractive in the slightest and only seems to have chavy style in that she was the original WAG to have constant orange skin and fake boobs.

    Fair enough if that’s some people’s taste but it’s not mine as I don’t think it’s classy looking. Saying that, I don’t judge people on looks but I don’t think she’s interesting as when she was taken to see starving children in Africa all she talked about was her handbag. Then when I heard her on Jonathan Ross she seemed to believe her own hype that she sells to celeb magazines and said she thought she would always be famous.

    I don’t think she’s in the least bit talented as seems to need to hide behind more talented people to give herself attention. She had the least amount of solo singing parts in the Spice girls. I think she ruined our chances in the world cup, as when David should have been concentrating on football, she had a party that she could invite other celebs to, so she could get into magazines. This was the time when David missed an important penalty.

    To me she represents nearly everything I dislike about our society as I dislike the whole celeb culture where people are celebs for just being celebs, and I dislike that I’m supposed to admire people just because they married a thick footballer who bought them an expensive handbag.

    Fair enough if that’s what some people like then they should be free to do it, but as a person who dislikes her, why can’t I seem to get away from her?

    I already stopped buying women’s magazines as they were always telling me that I had to find her stylish or want to copy her style when I don’t, as I see girls on supermarket check out counters more attractive, and they make even cheap clothes look more stylish than she does in an expensive dress. I stopped buying tabloids as she seems to be in them a lot too. I try to look the other way when passing the magazine stands so I don ‘t have to see her face gawping at me. Then I walk into a chemists and there’s her image on some perfume.

    She always seems to pop up somewhere and sells a story to magazines nearly every day and I’m really getting fed up of not being able to get away from her attention seeking in this society. I’m even thinking of moving to another country to get away from it, as how can it be possible to not get away from somebody you dislike?

    I wouldn’t care less about her if I didn’t have to see her image all the time but it annoys me when I do.

    Any suggestions so I never have to see her image again and get away from her attention seeking?

    Some idiots who are brainwashed into thinking anything that celeb magazines tell them really do believe I must be jealous if I don’t love her, when I usually admire people I look up to. I admire much more interesting, talented and attractive women than her, so why would I be jealous of her? I would die to look like Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Claudia Shiffer or even Lily Cole or Sophie Dahl. I admire the woman who does all the maths on countdown. I admire Ann Widdecome for being a strong woman politician. I admire French and Saunders for being funny and clever.

  • Yoshi

    Does anyone know the name of this particular haircut?

  • Squall Leonhart

    I love the hair and would love to do that style. However, I haven’t got the faintest idea how to do it or what it’s called.