25 Flattering Short Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs are one of your best beauty tools, as they can do a lot to accentuate your best facial features and help to balance out your face shape.

The aim of a flattering short hair with bangs is to create an oval face shape, by clever cutting and styling.  Therefore, always discuss the best type of fringe for you with your stylist, who is trained to advise on the most flattering haircut for individual faces.

Bangs with a slight curve

This is a good style to choose if you’d like to lengthen your face, as the curve won’t cover too much of your face and the finished frame around your forehead and temples will accentuate your eyes.

Bangs with a deep curve

This type of fringe is good to shorten a long face, as it will cover a high forehead and reduce the amount of face visible.

Layered bangs

Layered short hairstyles in general are good for reducing the roundness of a full-cheeked face.  And in particular, a side-swept fringe cut at a sharp angle from a side-parting will add angularity which reduces the round look of a full face.

Short hair styles with a choppy or uneven fringe are also a great way to draw attention away from a round face.

Bangs arched upwards to the centre

A fringe that is shorter at the centre and graduated down to be longer at the temples can do a number of beauty tasks.  For example, the bangs can cover any deep wrinkles at the outer edge of the eyes.  And this type of fringe will also add length in the centre of the face and cover round cheeks at the sides to minimise width at the cheekbones.

Long flicked up fringe

If you have a narrow face, choose bangs which will add the appearance of width, perhaps flicked out at the ends to create a wider silhouette.

Let these trendy short styles with bangs inspire you, but also remember that you can mix different cutting techniques to get a really individual and flattering style.

So you could have a bit of buzzed texture at the temple, a strong, blunt-cut line at the sides and a wispy spiky fringe to soften the face.

Virtual makeover tools

These days you can use a number of online virtual hairstyle makeover tools to try out differently shaped fringes and short hairstyles.  One of the best is dailymakeover.com and all you need to do is to upload a photo of yourself with your hair tied back and then try different virtual hairstyles to see which looks best.

Or if you already know your face shape, you can try on different bangs on a similarly shaped virtual face online, without uploading your photo.

So have a look at these ultra-trendy bangs on short hairstyles and start planning your flattering new look now!

Long diagonal bangs shorten a long face

Balance out a long face with a deep side parting and long, swept-across layers falling in trendy, diagonal bangs.  And to bring brunette hair right up-to-date, cover those pesky gray hairs with pretty golden- and strawberry-blonde highlights for warmth and colour depth!

Here are more pictures of chic pixie cuts with bangs.

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