5 Elegant Celebrity Red Carpet Hairstyles for Women

The red carpet was once again bedazzled with the glow of the many stars that graced it this year. We look to our favorite celebrities every year for our fashion and hair cues for the season ahead, and as always, the beautiful people at the Academy Awards did not disappoint us. There are so many trends to choose from this year and in 2013, we should never have to repeat the same hairstyle twice in a month!

Most of the current trends are vintage inspired and date back to the early 1900s beginning with the “crown of braids” that was worn by the servants of the time and the elaborate braids of the up dos of the upper class gentry of the era. Other eras that are major influences today are the 1920s and the finger waves of the “Flappers”, the 1930s and the Starlets of the Silver Screen with finger waves, pin curls and Marcel waves. The Art Deco period of the 1940s, with its silver hair jewelry- sparkling with rhinestones, such as hair combs, hairpins, barrettes and headbands. The 1960s, brought long braids as well as the bouffant, the 1970s the shag, the 1980s Punk, and so many more through the present.

Red Carpet haircut for long wavy hair

Angelina Jolie Red Carpet Hairstyles for Long Wavy Hair
Angelina Jolie Red Carpet Hairstyles for Long Wavy Hair /Getty images

Long ringlets falling from a messy part all make for a very sexy tousled look for Angelina Jolie. Sparkling hair combs or hairpins would have been a lovely addition.

Red Carpet updos: the high top bun

Jennifer Lopez Classic Bun Updo for Prom
Jennifer Lopez Classic Bun Updo for Prom /Getty images

Jennifer Lopez is the picture of elegance in this classic bun, made of pinned curls.

Red Carpet hairstyle for long straight hair: the low ponytail

Gwyneth Paltrow Low Loose Ponytail for Women
Gwyneth Paltrow Low Loose Ponytail for Women /Getty images

A side-parted ponytail gathered at the nape of the neck was very chic choice for Gwyneth Paltrow. The use of a band the same color as her hair leaves the lines un-interrupted. For an alternate look, one might add hair jewelry for sparkle.

Red Carpet updo: the romantic bobby pinned updo

Wedding Updo Ideas: Bobby Pinned Updo for Wedding
Kate Mara Bobby Pinned Updo for Wedding /Getty images

Kate Mara’s unique style is very edgy and up to the minute! Her locks are side-parted and drawn loosely back, twisted over one shoulder and bobby pinned in a messy up do. The showstoppers here are the two gorgeous silver pins that set the style off perfectly marrying three of today’s hottest hair trends. The messy style, bobby pinned up do and hair jewelry to add sparkle.

Red Carpet hairstyles for shoulder length hair: the soft wavy bob cut

Penelope Cruz Mid-Length Bob Hairstyle for Prom
Penelope Cruz Mid-Length Bob Hairstyle for Prom /Getty images

Old Hollywood Glamour is shining on Penelope Cruz with this lovely vintage inspired faux bob from days gone by. Her dark hair is a vision off the silver screen with its many waves and curls. For a slight change, one might pull one side back with a vintage rhinestone hair comb.

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