Amanda Holden Short Hairstyle: Cute Straight Bob Haircut

Amanda Holden Cute Bob Hairstyle

Latest popular short hairstyle for female: the straight bob cut. Looking exactly like the girl that you want to take home to meet your dear mom and dad, Amanda Holden has mastered the art of natural, clean beauty. If you are looking for a cute short cut, this bob hair is for you!

Parted on the right, her hair falls softly across her brow as she smiles winningly at the camera.   Loaded with body, we can just imagine a toss of her airy, fine hair will swing becomingly before settling back into place.   With highlights so subtle that they are almost just a suggestion and unassuming and lightly applied eye makeup and lip tint, Amanda Holden teaches a lesson in less being more, oh so much more!

This cute short hairstyle is great for oval, round, square, and heart face shapes.

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