Back View of Waterfall Braid: Dark Circlet & Long Blonde Cascade

Back view of Waterfall Braid

Have you ever tried the waterfall braid? The Waterfall braid, also known as the partial french braid, or the cascading braid, is a great way to add a bohemian touch to down hair styles, this style is really hot in recent years. It’s also a great way to keep flyaways at bay!

Perfect for a trendy, relaxed image this young style is a super way to update long hair!

The hair is cut in long layers which form an attractive V-shaped outline at the back with shorter lengths around the face for flattering volume.

The colour is beautifully graduated from dark blonde at the roots to lighter blonde lower down giving a natural, sun-bleached look.

Around the crown, the cleverly woven circlet creates an amazing contrast in texture and colour giving added dimension in the separated strands below the band.

And the contemporary tousled look is perfectly finished with the lively movement of the hair cascading down the back in this gorgeous, casual look!

Do you love this style? And here are more waterfall braid, check it out here.

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