Cool Ultra-Messy ‘Rebel’ Braid for Girls

messy braid for girls

Latest popular hairstyles for girls: the messy braid

If you loathe anything that would present you as soft and girly, take a look at this trendy and slightly sinister back-combed and mussed hairdo!

The upper level of hair is back-combed to create messy volume on the top and then loosely swept back and secured with hairgrips at the back.  Then the layers below the temples are also lightly back-combed to create an ultra-messy ‘bed-head’ style with lots of hair strands hanging down loose to the shoulders.

The braid begins just below the nape to form a short messy asymmetric plait lying in a slightly off-centre position down the back.  This style is a great look for anyone who rejects the ‘must-look-neat-and-perfect’ over-styled hairdo’s of the past. Because being feminine doesn’t mean you have to have a soft look.

This highly subversive braided hairstyle is perfect for presenting a strong, self-confident image! It says, I choose to look messy, so don’t mess with me!


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