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Carrie Underwood Hairstyles

Gallery of Carrie Underwood’s hairstyles, including Carrie Underwood’s short haircuts, medium length hair and long hairstyles. Find Carrie Underwood latest hair styles here.

Carrie Underwood is an American country singer, songwriter and actress. From the moment she first took the 4th American Idol stage in 2005, it was obvious Carrie Underwood was destined to be a star–and a hair icon. The blonde country crooner has girl-next-door charm and mega-star glamour all in one captivating young woman. Carrie Underwood is constantly changing the way she wears her hair, and the hairstyle she chooses seems to be dependent upon which outfit she is wearing or what event she is attending.

For example, when Underwood attended the 2010 American Country Awards, she wore an elaborate one-shouldered red gown. Therefore, the singer wore her hair in a messy updo so as not to draw attention away from the dress’s detail. The Grammy-winning singer is most famous for her long curls though her shoulder-length bob wins points for sophistication. Even with the pressure of adapting to the current trends in fashion, the gorgeous superstar believes that there is one tradition that will never go out of style: big hair.

Most of time, Carrie Underwood wears long hair, including straight, curly, and wavy hair, for some formal occasions,  she wears elegant updos. Carrie love long hair very much,it’s seems that she have never try the short haircuts before. Have you seen Carrie Underwood’s short haircuts? Also I’m a big long hair fan lol ;) Carrie Underwood’s favorite hair color is blonde and brown, most of the time she wears blonde hair.

Gallery of Carrie Underwood Hairstyles

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