Celebrity Long Hairstyle: Natural Glamour Wavy Hairstyle from Mandy Moore

Long brown wavy hairstyle for women - Mandy Moore Hairstyle

Female Celebrity hairstyle from Mandy Moore. This long wavy hairstyle has glamor in a natural way, matching the season’s hot trend for natural make-up and nude lips! If you’re a mom and looking for a simple easy daily long hairstyle, this one from Mandy Moore is for you.

The parting is slightly off-center with a bit of a curve, adding a touch of contemporary-casual.

The hair is all the same length with lightly textured ends, except for two short layers that frame the upper face.

These are gently curved away from the face, accentuating the eyes and cheekbones beautifully!  And this is a great look for anyone growing out a fringe.

The long hairstyle gains fabulous volume and movement from a slight wave in the lower lengths, which are tousled for a relaxed, glamorous look!

This glamorous long hairstyle is great for any casual occasions, and perfect for oval, square, heart face shapes.

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