Classic Short Straight Unpolished Bob Hairstyle – Keira Knightley Hairstyle

Keira Knightley Classic Unpolished Bob Hairstyle

Keira Knightley new Short straight inverted bob haircut for women: When actress Kiera Knightley is done with her cocktail dress, the Louvre or the Met museums might be interested in taking it on!

When your attire is a work of art, it is important to use your hair as a backdrop to exhibit your dress’ highest potential. Kiera’s hair is cut in an asymmetrical bob, which is dressy enough to complement her amazing dress but simple enough not to distract from it.

As a master artist uses a blank canvas, Ms. Knightley avoids garish, bright colors in her choice of makeup and leaves the large or bejeweled jewelry accessories at home.

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