4 Cute Ways to Rock a Vintage Hair Comb

Although most commonly seen in bridal hair, vintage hair combs are an easy way to add glitz and glam to your favorite go-to hairstyles. Like everything else retro, hair combs seem to be making a comeback in a major way, and do a fantastic job of bridging traditional with modern, which is what every fashionista strives to do when establishing and expressing her unique sense of style.

With summer quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to perfect a couple of cute ways to rock a vintage hair comb into your favorite styles.

Secure a half ponytail

Hate just securing a half pony with a hair tie?  Try hiding the hair tie, or not using one all together, by using one or two vintage hair combs instead to hold the top half of your hair firmly in place.  Make sure to spritz some firm hold hairspray to maintain your gorgeous style all day or night long.

Sexify an Updo

Although updos tend to be sexy by nature, adding a vintage comb to yours will ensure that you stand out in the crowd by adding glamour and sparkle to your look.  Simply tuck a comb into a fold of your updo, or accent an understated portion of your hair to take vamp up your ‘do. Diane Kruger rocks vintage hair combs in her retro updo.

Accessorize Your Natural Strands

Finally, who says you need to wear your hair up in order to rock a vintage hair comb?  Oh wait… nobody. All you need to do is check out Dianna Agron here to see how adding a vintage hair comb to your look can elevate your glamour and sex appeal is one sweeping swoop of hair tucked back with a hair comb.  Maybe give this look a try when attending a summer wedding, or on a first date with a potential summer love.  Dianna Agron looks glamorous with her hair swept back by a vintage hair comb.

Jazz Up the End of a Braid

Do you ever think the rubber band type hair band that reminds you more of the bands the dentist gave you for your braces looks super awkward at the end of super cute accent braid in your hair?  A cute vintage hair comb is definitely a great way to hide that unbecoming rubber band.  Luckily, there are lots of smaller combs that will complement the end of a braid beautifully, with floral designs being especially feminine and cute!  Learn how to do summer’s hottest braid, a half-up fishtail braid here, and add a vintage comb to your look to be sizzling hot in the summer sun. 

So, the next time you are out shopping with the girls, make sure to scout out some consignment shops to score some great vintage hair combs to glamourize your hair.

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