Demi Bob Hairstyle – Simple Easy Daily Hairstyle – Monica Potter Haircut

Monica Potter blonde stragiht demi bob hairstyle

Here’s another super style for long-bob lovers, that’s unique and easy-to-style!

Monica’s hair is precision cut into layers with lots of trendy touches that make the look fresh as a summer breeze!  The long oval shape creates a beautifully balanced silhouette, given a touch of casual edge by the wisps allowed to flick up and break the smooth shape.

The long fringe is separated to break the line and show some forehead, keeping the look relaxed and then carefully graduated at the sides to blend in seamlessly.  This new shade of blonde is known as diamond blonde.

It’s an exciting new twist on platinum blonde with a light touch of ash, making it perfect for pale skins with naturally rosy cheeks! This cut and colour really brings out the blue of Monica’s eyes and creates a fabulous face-framing look!

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