Emma Watson Pixie Haircut: Best Short Hairstyle for Summer

Best Short Haircut for Summer

Cute casual short straight hairstyle for summer
The pixie cut is really popular these days, a lot female try pixie cut, if you are going to get a brand new short cut, why not try the pixie? And here is a cute look from Emma Watson, you may love it.

Emma Watson showed off her latest new sassy cropped haircut, while attending the New York premiere of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. She looked so cute with this cut. She added a little sparkle to her new short cut with a gold hair pin.

This short pixie cut is cut in uniform layers to sit flat on the head showing off the wispy edges which soften the over-all style. This short hairstyle is best suited for those women who with fine to medium hair.

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