Hottest Hair Color Ideas for This Year

Hair Color Trends 2015

As the heat of summer gives way to crisp fall air, we begin to think of changing the shade of our hair-much like the changing of the leaves to the gorgeous colors of autumn. When we think of the summer months, we think of cool color, pale blondes, and pastel shades of pink, blue and lavender, strawberry blondes and so on. However, with the onset of the cooler months our minds begin to turn to warm coppers, deep auburns and true reds, chestnut browns, golden and honey blondes-the deep, rich more vibrant shades. Pastels give way to brilliant jewel colors, such as ruby red, cobalt blue, violet and emerald to name a few.

Rose McGowan Sexy Long Retro Hairstyle
Rose McGowan Sexy Long Retro Hairstyle /Getty images

Rose McGowan’s long dark curls are beautiful, warmed with gold and copper highlights in the above photo. Multidimensional color adds interest and depth.

Cameron Diaz Long Hairstyle - Ponytail
Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2014 – Cameron Diaz Long Hairstyle

The addition of beige and caramel highlights to Cameron Diaz’ blonde locks will take her seamlessly into fall-so pretty! Golden or honey colored highlights or chunks are very nice for fall as well, as are red streaks mingled in with the rich blonde hues.

Hair Color Ideas 2014 - 2015 Mariska Hargitay Twisted Bun
Hair Color Ideas 2014 – 2015: Mariska Hargitay Twisted Bun /Getty images

Mariska Hagitay is glowing with golden blonde and warm copper highlights in her dark mane. These well placed, shimmering strands of color really set off her classic up-do. If you really want to makea statement, add some ruby red to the mix!

Fiery Red Hairstyle for Fall 2014 - 2015
Fiery Red Hairstyle for Fall /getty images

Reba McEntire’s copper tresses appear warmed even more by golden blonde highlights throughout. If you would like to make a bold statement, go with some chocolaty lowlights.

Lily Aldridge’s Long Ombre Curls are ready for fall with

Hair Color Trends 2015
Hair Color Trends /getty images

artfully blended for a luxurious lush look. If you are tired of this trend and long for something different, try chunking some complimentary hues around that gorgeousface in lieu of going for the hair ends.

Rihanna Medium Red Curly Hairstyle
Rihanna Medium Red Curly Hairstyle /Getty images

This choice in a deep, true red is stunning on Rihanna for fall 2012! Adding one or two additional shades, such as a complimentary shade of red, within two shades above or below current color-will add amazing depth. Alternatively, choose to go with theone red shade andadd a golden blonde or gothic black highlight or lowlight to make a bold and/or sexy statement.

Short Red Bob Hairstyle
Cyndi Lauper short red haircut

Don’t forget to consider the bright, bold and vibrant colors that are so hot this year-such as Cyndi Lauper’s fiery red and gothic black locks!

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