Hair Color Trends for This Year

Katy Perry Short Sleek Bob Hairstyle

Hair Color Trends have varied greatly in this year, we have seen everything from fun and flirty “Dip Dye Color” in vibrant, bold hues to beautiful, deep-“Multidimensional Color”.

This year has lent itself well to experimenting with new looks and fresh ideas, with more options for color application than in years past. For instance if one wanted to try an attention getting purple, such as Kelly Osbourne’s lavender locks, there are temporary products available-and if you are not ready to take the big leap of an all over color-a streak is just as trendy. With the many different color trends this year, you might want to try many of them-if so, you are in luck! There are many temporary colors available in both professional and over the counter products. The existence of color that coats the hair shaft, instead of penetrating it, means that your color will gradually fade over a four to six week period of shampooing-which means that you are able to safely try all the color trends you like. So have a great time changing your look and trying all the great color trends on for size!

Katy Perry Braid-Wrapped Ponytail : Multi-Colored Hairstyle
Katy Perry Braid-Wrapped Ponytail for Long Hair

Multi-Colored Hair in vibrant hues is a hot look in this season, as seen here in bright blue and purple worn by Katy Perry.

Katy Perry Sleek Blue Ponytail
Katy Perry Sleek Blue Ponytail /Getty Images

Another variation of the above color trend is streaking from root midway down and “dipping” out to ends as seen here in electric blue.

Katy Perry Short Sleek Bob Hairstyle
Katy Perry Short Hairstyle: Sleek Pink Bob Cut /Getty Images

Muted shades of pink are beautiful on blond tresses for an understated yet bold statement all at the same time-“who knew”?

Kelly Osbourne Pompadour Updo Hairstyle
Kelly Osbourne Pompadour Updo Hairstyle /Getty Images

Pale pastel shades, such as Kelly Osbourne’s lavender Up-do are very popular as well.

Kelly Osbourne High Wrapped Loose Ponytail
Kelly Osbourne High Wrapped Loose Ponytail /Getty Images

“Dip Dyed” as seen here in Kelly Osbourne’s pretty, blond ponytail with the surprise of red ends.

Naomi Judd Long Red Curly Hairstyle
Naomi Judd Long Red Curly Hairstyle

Multidimensional Color such as Wynonna Judd’s gorgeous red locks are always an attention getter and very big in this year.

Sandra Bullock Ombre Hair 2013
Sandra Bullock Ombre Hair: Sexy long sleek hairstyle for women /Getty Images

The Ombre Color Trend makes an appearance again for this year. This is a look which fades from one color to another from root to end, and can be very bold-such as a gothic black to a magenta or more subtle as seen here with Sandra Bullock’s shades of brown.

There is much to choose from in this year, just remember as you choose your color to consider the color of your complexion, your choices in make-up, your personality etc. By all means-experiment, with all of the temporary colors available today you can certainly take the chance without the fear of being “stuck” with something you don’t like for months on end. The most important thing is to have fun recreating your look!

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