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See the best men’s hairstyles for this year. From men’s short haircut and neat to long hair and quiffed hairstyles, we’ve got all the best men’s hairstyles here!

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hairstyles for men: The Gothic looks of Victorian and Edwardian Men, along with Medieval and Renaissance influences are shaping the styles for this year.  According to research on these eras however, it seems that men were not actually wearing their hair long.  Instead, this look may be the result of characters in the “Gothic” or “DreadNovels of the “Victorian Gothic Era”.  This is also about the time of the Bohemians who were thought to predate the people we know as “Gypsies”-thus “Gothic” This means extremely long hair in keeping with those eras.  These Men, who were the aristocracy of the time, were very formal and meticulous in their appearance, as they were Gentleman and in most instances Nobility.  If in fact, they were based on” Dread Novel” Characters of the time-they were also society’s bad boys.  They were able to do all of the morally wrong things that men did not dare try to do at the time.  This very masculine, high maintenance look is gearing up to be the most sought after look among Fashion Forward Men for 2013. The following well-known men have been carrying this look for a good many years, Johnny Depp, Chriss Angel and any number of Modern “Gothic” men.  All right Gentleman, this brings us to the million-dollar question-How patient are you?  If you have a short haircut and want to be ultra trendy for the New Year, you will have to begin right now growing your hair if you want to look like the swarthy men of Gothic times.  Something to keep in mind however, this is very different than the look of years past such as Grunge, unlike styles such as those, this style is going to require quite a lot of care to keep all those long locks under control.  You may even need to use a finishing product to better define your hair’s texture.  In addition, it is going to take great strength of will not to cut it off as you wait for it to grow to the length you desire.  Everyone has to go through the uglies so to speak to get to the prize.  You will also need to visit your hairstylist or barber every 3-4 weeks for some trimming and shaping, although it may seem counter- productive to you it is necessary to keep the split ends at bay.  Believe it or not, a regular trim will keep your hair growing at a steady pace.  You will also be tempted to cut the sides near your ears to rid yourself of “wings”, resist the urge!  Rest assured “The Mullet” is not making a comeback.

hairstyles for men 2014
mens hairstyles 

Best Haircuts for men : Instead of getting frustrated with it though and ending up cutting it off, you will be able to make it work for you instead of against you.  There are a great many more styles that will be popular in 2013, that will lend themselves well to keeping you looking sharp and on the Fashion Forefront while your hair grows.  You will see many short styles, such as cuts cropped on the sides and neckline and left in varying lengths on top.  Hairstyles of this nature will be everything from cut very close to the scalp at the crown to very spiky and texturized creating varying degrees of fullness.  Some of these haircuts will incorporate a bang as well, which in some cases will be quite long. The “Fade” is still going to be a favorite for 2014 as well. These choices should keep your interest piqued so you are not temped to give up on your ultimate goal. Once your hair begins to grow from your short style you could go into an asymmetrical cut. Style choices will abound for these cuts as well.  For those of you who have no desire to wear your hair long, trends or no trends-you will certainly benefit from the many style choices also.

hairstyles for men 2013
hairstyles for men 

Aside from the excitement that is stirring about the Gothic Influences, there are also reminders of other eras in styles that are reminiscent of the DA, the Pompadour and the scalp-hugging clipper cut styles of the 1950 s.  Famous men these styles bring to mind are Cary Grant, James Dean and of course, Elvis.

mens hairstyles 2013
mens hairstyles 

Hairstyles for men: There are men who are already sporting these looks.  In order to give these vintage cuts a more cutting edge- modern look and yet retain the “retro” vibe of these classic looks, the overall line has been left true to form for the most part.  The sides and back might be just a bit closer, while the top many times is texturized in order to give it more volume and movement.  For those of you who are in transition from a shorter cut to the new Gothic Long Style, you need to avoid any layers, as they are counterproductive to the end result.  Texture and interest in your current style can be achieved with finishing products and techniques in styling that your hair care professional will supply for you.

haircuts for men 2013
haircuts for men 

Hairstyles for men: Texturized Mid-Length Layered Cuts will be very hot in the New Season as well.  While applying texture to hair ends creates volume and movement, please keep in mind that layers are not for all hair types.  It would be a good idea to talk it over with a professional, as there are many things to consider when making the decision to incorporate layers. If you do decide to use them, then you will need to discuss to what extent you want to use them.  Your hair texture must be taken into account as well as your personality and lifestyle.  Some cuts and styles are very labor intensive and if you have an extremely busy lifestyle, you certainly would not want an intricate style that you never have time to style properly.

mens hair styles 2013
mens hair styles 

Next on the road to your ultimate style for those who are transitioning to the longer styles, are the Medium/Long cuts.  Many of you were working to get to this length as the result.  For all it is the most versatile length of all of the men’s hair lengths from a style standpoint.  This particular length allows you to put emphasis on your layers being long- by using finishing products such as texturizing gel, to define things such as wave or curl for structural depth and visual interest.  You might also choose to push the sides back close to your head and put more emphasis on the front and crown, by defining curls- giving the illusion of a short haircut.  This style lends itself well to the use of layers in varying lengths to give emphasis to strong bone structure or to soften features that need played down.  As well, as create depth and visual interest. Many men will opt for The Wet Look as a Style Option in 2013.  Everything from extreme “just stepped out of the shower” wet to just barely damp will be achieved using finishing products to keep the look all day and into the evening this season.

mens haircuts for 2014
mens haircuts 

Mens hairstyles: “Gothic” Long Hair, reaching well past the shoulder is the ultimate goal for some persevering men in last year.  What do you do once you get there?  You do not want to layer, unless it is very long layers in order to give otherwise heavy, limp hair some interest volume and movement. The long hair will not be highly texturized and messy as it was in the seventies and eighties, nor will it be permed or over processed.  The current look is about looking natural, letting the hair fall where it will- and using product to enhance the natural texture and beauty of the hair.  That is not to say that if a man happened to have very straight hair, that he couldn’t get a permanent wave if he chose to.  He could, however it would be done with a mild perm on a very large rod so that when it was finished it would more closely resemble natural curl and/or wave.

Color is always a good way to get a point across or to make a statement.  Many more men are coloring their hair each season, and are becoming much more the “norm” than ever before. Once virtually unheard of, men are becoming increasingly more comfortable with salon services such as color that were once considered strictly something that was for women.

If you wish to make a strong color statement, Gothic Black will be very popular in the coming year-as will very bright colors intended to highlight very strong, defined lines in a haircut. Multidimensional color is very popular as well.  Usually a combination of 2-3 or more complimentary colors, it gives the hair rich highlights and a great deal of depth.  Not to mention incredible shine in the sun or direct light.

You have many choices for the New Year, and hopefully this article has given you the information you need to be able to make an informed decision.  Whatever you decide on, Wear it Well and Have a Great Year!

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