Hairstyling Tips for Women with a Short Pixie Haircut

Love your “Pixie”, but you are itching for a different look and feeling limited by your choice in haircut? No worries, we have the answers for you right here!

Begin with freshly washed, towel-dried hair-then apply your favorite holding product, i.e. gel or mousse.

Comb through to ends in order to distribute product evenly, then place the desired part in your hair if any and comb hair into the style you desire. Allow hair to dry completely, either naturally-or with a hood type dryer. A blow dryer may be used, but can be damaging to hair if used often.

Latest popular short pixie haircut for women:

Kelly Osbourne Short Blonde Pixie Haircut

Kelly Osbourne Short Blonde Pixie Haircut

Kimberly Wyatt Short Silver Pixie Hairstyles 2013

Kimberly Wyatt Short Silver Straight Pixie Hairstyles for Young Ladies/hairstylesweekly.com

Evan Rachel Wood Short Pixie Hair Style

Evan Rachel Wood Short Pixie Hair Style

Ruby Rose Short Blonde Pixie Cut

Ruby Rose Short Blonde Pixie Cut

Do you have a “Pixie” with a bit of length on top? The sleek, versatile style Ruby Rose chose, above first photo from left- would be great for a trendy night out or a day at the office. This is also an easy one to achieve at home; all you will need is a little time and some good Styling and Finishing Products. When initially combing your style into place, put a little extra gel or mousse in the sides and back and keep hair close to head as you comb it into place-then comb top back and once it is all dry, comb out and apply an all over medium hold hairspray-Easy!

Another great look for this type of “Pixie” cut is very edgy-such as is seen on Evan Rachel Wood, second photo above, and a good choice for evenings out-such as “the club scene”. This ultra cute style, as the one explained above, is an easy one to achieve. Once again, after initially combing your hair into the style you are looking for-slick the sides and back close to scalp using gel or mousse. Direct the crown of hair toward forehead. Continue working in that direction and a bit to one side, with a little bit of lift-but still fairly close to the scalp. Your bang area and a bit beyond, should be directed up and in the same direction; you have been working toward thus far. Finish with texturizing putty and medium to extra-hold hairspray.

If you have a long “Pixie”, you could wear this soft, very feminine style for the office and it will take you smoothly into a romantic date in the evening, as well. It will make your eyes “pop” as it does for Kimberly Wyatt, third photo above. Follow directions in first paragraph above, once hair is dry, using a medium to large barrel curling iron, begin putting curl in. Which size curling iron to use is dependent on how much volume and/or curl you want your look to have- if you like the picture above you will want to use the large barrel. Taking first curl in crown, roll backward, then the rest of curls on top diagonally rolled forward and to the left. When you reach your bang area, roll that toward your forehead, and slightly left as well. Sides of hair should be “bumped up” which is done by rolling in a downward direction as should the back of the hair. Comb down your short sides and nape area of back of hair so that it lies smoothly, close to the scalp. Fluff and shape with fingers and define hair strands and ends with texturizing putty, or a similar product-lightly spray all with medium to extra-hold hairspray.

For a more traditional short look, such as the one Kelly Osbourne is wearing, as pictured at fourth photo above, all you need do is break out that curling iron again and decide how much lift and/or curl you want. Assuming you like the look that is pictured-go with the large barrel iron and holding the iron parallel to part, make three to four curls, directed left. Direct everything else down. Finger-fluff, apply texturizing product and spray all. Find more new hair styles on hairstylesweekly.com

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