6 Easy Ways To Make Fine Hair Look Thicker

Although you might have a lot of hair, your strands could be very fine – which leaves you with locks lacking volume. Fake your way to thick hair with these six ideas, product picks and styling tricks to make fine hair look thicker.

1. Start with a volume-boosting shampoo like Sebastian Volupt Shampoo. Containing bamboo extract that locks in moisture and strengthens hair, this shampoo allows you to achieve more volume by raising the root cuticle and filling in gaps within the hair. Work the shampoo into the hair from the root to half way down the shaft to stimulate blood flow.

2. Next step? Grab some Sebastian Volupt Conditioner that uses micro-lite technology, giving you volume without weighing your hair down. For fine hair, it’s best to wash your hair every other day if possible – so on “wash” days, grab your Sebastian Volupt products and get going.

3. Styling products are key to achieving thicker-looking hair. Before blow drying, evenly run a heat protecting and shine enhancing serum throughout your hair to protect your fine locks from heat damage before styling. We suggest Sebastian Taming Elixir for a weightless serum that hydrates and tames frizz.

4. Tool time! Did you know brushing stimulates the oil on your scalp that makes hair flat? When your hair needs a little life, grab a wide-toothed comb to loosen those strands of any knots and stimulate the scalp. Another simple way to stimulate your scalp is to massage with your finger tips while shampooing… and it feels fabulous, too!

5. You might think adding hairspray to your finished look will weigh down your style – and trust us, some can. But look for the hairsprays that are specially formulated for adding extra volume to fine hair, like Sebastian Volupt Spray. This spray has a natural root lifter that keeps your va-va-voom volume going all day long.

6. One last tiny trick to make fine hair look thicker? Add layers. Texturized looks give the allusion that hair is thicker, which really helps boost fine strands. Next time you’re at the salon, ask your stylist which type of layers would be best for your length.

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