How to Use Hairspray for guys

Growing up I loved using hairspray.  I didn’t have hair products of my own yet, so I would go into my mother’s bathroom, stick my head under the sink, and begin to style my hair.  I would then coat my hair in gallons of hairspray. And let me tell you, my hair did not move – ever.  Granted, I could have seriously injured someone with the hardness of my spikey hair, but at least I knew it would stay in place.

Nowadays my hairspray game is far more sophisticated. It’s time to give all the guys out there the men’s guide to hairspray. Rock-hard helmet hair is a thing of the past. Read these tips before you spritz.

haircuts for men
haircuts for men

Hairspray should not be the only product you use to style your hair.

  • Yes, you may be able to get the style you want, but (like in my case) it leaves you with hard, crunchy hair.  Also, having that rock-hard style that doesn’t move is not a good look. You want cool, flexible, movable hair with a firm hold.

For small fixes, spray the hairspray into the palm of your hand first.

  • This works great if you have some flyaways, hairs that won’t cooperate, or only want to tame the sides of your hair.  Try to avoid spraying the hairspray directly to the area. In most cases you will end up spraying to much, resulting in over saturating your hair. Try spraying some hairspray into the palm of your hand first and then using your hands to fix the issue.  You’ll get a more even application and have better control over the style.

Use hairspray as the finishing touch to your look.

  • Start styling your hair with a different hold product such as the Sebastian Molding Mud, Sebastian Liquid Steel, Sebastian Texturizer Gel, etc.  Once you have completed the style, finish it off with a hairspray like Sebastian Shaper Plus (which is a personal favorite of mine and the one I’m using in the image above) to give it some hold and lock the look last for the day.

The Sebastian Shaper Plus is my favorite hairspray because it provides 24-hour control and it never gets stiff or sticky.  It will keep its hold in high humidity, which is huge in the summer months.

Are you ready to add hairspray to your grooming routine?

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