Latest Most Popular Short Haircut for Women

Hot moms daily hairstyle for short hair

Simple easy daily hairstyle for hot moms – the chic straight short cut with side swept bangs

I love this makeover, because it takes a self-conscious, girlish young woman and transforms her image into that of a confident, stylish woman.

The ‘before’ photo shows a nice medium-long hairstyle, with some casual, natural waves falling naturally around the shoulders. And I have no criticism of that style – but I have the feeling this pretty woman is a little shy and tends to ‘hide’ behind her thick curtains of hair.

Now, switch to the main ‘after’ shot, showing a more self-assured person, looking straight into the camera’s eye. Short haircuts ‘open-up’ the face and create a more professional image for anyone seeking to present themselves as up-to-the-minute and in control – at work or play.

The shape is clean, but long enough on the top and sides to be feminine and attractive. And the rounded volume just below the crown balances out a slightly prominent nose.

Confidence comes from within, but one of the best ways to gain that inner self-assurance is to choose a contemporary short haircut that shows your face. Timid girls hide behind their hair, but women with poise do not!  You can find more short hair styles on hairstyles weekly, just check the navigation.

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