Layered, Golden, Sleek Razor Cut with Bangs – Ashlee Simpson Hairstyles

Ashlee Simpson Layered Golden Sleek Razor Cut with Bangs

Most popular celebrity short hairstyle for women this year: the sexy combed down short cut from Ashlee Simpson!
Ashlee Simpson brushes her short hair forward to give herself an asymmetrical hairstyle. The symbol says it all!  If you look closely, you will see that Ashlee Simpson has a tiny peace symbol tattooed on the middle finger of her right hand.

Whether it is indicative of her life’s philosophy, we cannot tell.  However, she does seem to exude a calm, peaceful spirit in her dress as well as her choice of hairstyle.  Parted on the far left, her hair is combed across her forehead where it really picks up the light.  On the right, her hair is confidently brushed back behind her ear to give us a glimpse of her black button earrings.

This casual short straight hairstyle is great for Oval, Oblong, and Diamond face shapes.

Ashlee Simpson Short Hairstyles 2013
2013 short hairstyles: Ashlee Simpson Short Hairstyles
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