Mim Nervo Short Hairstyle: Trendy Spiked Haircut for Women

Mim Nervo Short Spiked Haircut for Women

Mim Nervo is on the cutting edge of fashion with her unique and dramatic cut and costume. Mim’s white-gold hair is shaved extremely low around two inches up from her sideburns and around the nape of her neck. The rest of her hair, about cheek length by our best guess, is combed straight up in the air.

Yes, you are reading right, straight up! Though anyone could recreate this style with a pair of electric hair clippers and a can or two of hairspray, we are not sure where you would want to wear this hairstyle to. Mim Nervo’s locale at the time of the picture was taken at an event to support an organization that aids youth who are fighting against childhood cancer.

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