Morena Baccarin Shaggy Layered Short Black Haircut

Morena Baccarin Shaggy Layered Short Black Haircut

Sexy short black hair style with layers. Though there is no part to speak of, actress Morena Baccarin’s hair is separated to the right and to the left in line with her right eyebrow.

Starting at the crown, Morena has layers and layers of razor cut locks that topple down and curl airily to the temples.  The lower layers, curled outwards with more definite strokes, peep out from behind her ears and the nape of her neck.  Her pierced ears are decked out with long silver earrings that look just the right amount of dangerous.  It’s just the right look for Morena’s bad to the bone metallic silver form-fitting dress. The long black bangs are great for this cut.

This shaggy short hairstyle is great for Round, Oval, Heart, and Triangular face shapes.

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