Paris Hilton Elegant Blonde Sleek Updo: Classic Bun

Paris Hilton Classic Bun Updo

Sweet side bun updo hairstyle for prom
If you are looking for a perfect updo for prom, here is a great side bun from Paris Hilton you may love. Paris can’t go wrong with this simple low off-center bun. The hair is parted to one side and roughly blow dried keeping a slight wave in the hair for extra body.

This can be achieved by scrunching the hair while blow drying. Once the hair is dry, it is pulled back into a low, loose ponytail to one side and tied with an elastic band. The ponytail is then loosely wrapped around the elastic band and pinned into place with a bobby pin. If you wish to go for a more romantic look, curl the hair of the ponytail using a curling iron in small sections. Then very loosely wrap each section of hair around the ponytail, pinning each in place with a bobby pin.

This is a great classic bun hairstyle wedding, also perfect for prom! A lot people love messy bun updos, but this casual sleek bun also looks beautiful, right? How do you think?

Back View of Paris Hilton Bun Updo
Back View of Paris Hilton Bun Updo /Getty Images
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