20 Romantic Braided & Twisted Hairstyles for Girls

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This is the place to find the latest prom/party hairstyles and romantic hairstyles for special events!  The key to the best romantic hairstyles is a soft vibe with a casually ‘undone’ finish.  Choose loose curls to copy the relaxed vibe of a lady’s boudoir or a tousled finish following a country picnic for two!  So here’s a great gallery of trendy, casual styles designed to help any girl’s romantic life along!

Trendy color twist

This casual ponytail style is made totally trendy by the fresh color scheme!  From the black braid along one side, the hair is caught up in high ponytail with a cute, blonde plait detail.  The tousled pony has a mix of light-brown and blonde, creating a very fresh, new look!

Warm shades of black & tan

This is another example of the return to fashion of warm, light-brown shades, which have been ignored for too long!  This highly romantic hairstyle includes asymmetry in fashionable, flat braids along one side.  The back flows down in youthful loose waves and a pretty bow covers the braids’ tips perfectly!

Urban ash-blonde waves & charcoal roots

This long wavy blonde style has fashionable touches of gray and ash-blonde balayage beneath the charcoal roots.  The style leaves the forehead bare – framing the sides with softly romantic ringlets.  Flattering height on top helps lengthen a round face and the blonde braid on top, over charcoal roots, gives an edgy finish.

Special date curly up-style

This lively combination of head braids and gorgeous curls doesn’t need any highlighting to make it stand out from the crowd!  The head braiding in curved lines with tapered ends accentuates the round shapes in this fashionable twist on cornrows.  And the faux-hawk shape is full of texture and movement from perfectly formed bubble curls adding height and draping softly around the forehead.

Fine copper feathers on blonde & brown up-style

This chic modern upstyle is full of creative originality!  Medium-brown hair is plaited up from the nape to crown, where it’s divided into a cute, blonde ponytail.  Blonde balayage accentuates the movement at the sides and pretty copper and black/white feathers create a wispy outline!

Striking floral accessory & summery colors

Here’s a very summery look crowned with an eye-catching band of orange, yellow, cream and brown flowers.  The flowers echo the blend of brown and blonde shades used to create sophisticated 3-D color depth and texture in the hair.  The style is casually rolled up and pinned at the back, with shorter layers framing the face.

Heavenly hair knots & layered locks

I love the new styles with free-form hair knots on highlighted hair, because the patterns are fresh and different on every one!  This romantic, wavy ponytail has trendy texture at the back with layered and woven strands full of blended color and lively movement!

White-blonde balayage on cute schoolgirl braids

We’ve seen lots of variations on the theme of long, loose waves with blonde ombré this year.  And now it’s time to see the fantastic brown and blonde braids and up-styles they create!  Two main plaits form a neat schoolgirl style with a trendy beige-blonde twist and the playful Y-shaped fishtail draped down from the crown!

Dark-brown with bronde fishtail band

This lovely up-style has plenty of stray hairs escaping the braid to show it’s a relaxed, modern look.  And if your hair isn’t thick enough to create fat plaits wear the latest trend of wide, flat braids, which are perfect for fine hair!  The graduated medium bronde ombré looks fabulous against a dark background!

Weekend elegance from loose side-braid

It’s not often we show a hairstyle image including a soft brimmed hat, but every element of this model’s hair, makeup and accessories whispers ‘classy elegance’.  The thick brown hair is loosely braided and has subtle blonde balayage with a soft beige gloss adding a subtle contemporary twist!

Casual country-girl braids & bun

Continuing the outdoors theme, this brunette bun is casually finished to create a relaxed vibe imitating traditional up-styles intended to keep hair out of the way during agricultural work!  But subtle touches of blonde balayage in the two braids wound around the head, add a touch of sophistication to this romantic hairstyle.

Urban romantic silver bow

Back in the urban space, this pretty hair-knot pinned casually below the crown is jazzed-up with a modern, silver lamé hair-bow.  What is most notable about this image is the lovely golden brown balayage added to deep-brown hair, which softens and enriches the color tremendously!

Gleaming copper braids and natty knotty chignon

This gorgeous copper hairstyle starts off beautifully symmetrical, with a center-parting and a gleaming textured braid encircling the top of the head.  However, after that it’s loosely woven in an every-which-way braid fashioned into a fabulous knotted chignon at the nape!  The rich copper color is full of reflections of light and shade, too.

Sophisticated metallic sheen on braid & roll circlet

From the sun-specs it’s clear this model is enjoying a hot day and from the sophisticated color and style, she’s probably on the beach at Cannes in France!  You don’t need long hair for this lovely loose braid tinted a fabulously romantic shade of metallic rose-blonde.

Pretty pale blonde fishtail top-knot

This is a modern twist to the classic hair-knot on the crown bringing this attractive look totally up-to-date.  The shade is neutral-blonde and the hair-knot styled back from the face is made from a beautifully patterned, fishtail braid.  Notice how the hair around the head has been left with ‘comb-lines’, so the slightly darker roots create a lovely striped texture.

Shimmering shades of beige & waterfall braid

Following the welcome return of light-brown shades, we’ve gained lots of cute color schemes.  For example, this neutral beige top, fading to pale-blonde, is a fresh option for mousey/dark-blonde bases.  Circlet braids are traditionally romantic hairstyles for girls, but the diagonal, asymmetrical braid that ends in a long, fine plait is a great way to update it!

Relaxed elegance in textured up-style

This chic hairstyle idea in light beige-blonde over brown roots is perfect with a little black dress or as a dinner-date hairdo!  The fine side braids are the anchor for attractive loops of hair creating a layered texture.  The lovely low chignon at the nape is a casually elegant, loose-linked braid knot, as worn by European royals for centuries!

Growing your hair?  Try this trendy look

Here’s a cute and useful, modern style you can do at home.  It’s great for when your hair’s at an in-between stage or for variety on a short bob.  The two casual braids along the sides, one fishtail and one regular, are roughly pinned in a V-line just above the nape.  If you have highlights or balayage the results will be extra spiffy!

Superb artistic up-style

If you have a party/prom/special occasion coming up try this fantastic option! It’s a lovely blend of braids with cleverly placed swirls covering the back in an amazing up-style.  On blonde, red or dark hair with balayage or ombré, the color patterns will be wonderful!

So good luck with all your romantic hopes and dreams, which I’m sure will be successful if you choose one of the gorgeous hairstyle options above!  And if you don’t ‘get your man’, it’s his loss and there’ll certainly be a better one waiting for you in the future!


sharing is caring - (๑′ᴗ‵๑)I Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ♥

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