20 Hottest Short Stacked Haircuts – The Full Stack You Should Not Miss

Super-Hot Stacked Bob Haircuts 2017

Stacked haircuts are clever styles that use the density of thick hair to create extra rounded volume at the back.  Today’s gallery is full of new ways to wear stacked haircuts this season, with super hair color trends and the latest wavy stacked haircuts for fine hair, too!

Classic smooth shapely angled bob hairstyles in soft blonde

Classic angled bob hairstyles are enjoying a well-deserved return as popular hairstyles for short hair this season.  This chin-length stacked haircut is perfect for almost all face shapes and ages, and has a modern twist in the dark roots and matching dark section above the nape.  This elegant hairstyle is suitable for all occasions, too!

Bold brunette long pixie cut with stacked back & bangs – Short stacked pixie cut with glasses

With large, black-framed spectacle frames you need a hairstyle that really complements the dramatic look.  This long brunette pixie cut, styled to show the ears, emphasises the ‘elfin’ look and offsets the heavy glasses perfectly.  The tips are textured for a sharp and wispy outline.

Rich plum-purple hair color ideas on stacked haircuts

Here’s a modern stacked hairstyle designed to show off thick, coarse hair in a simple look that provides the backdrop for some daring hair color ideas.  Hair is layered with razor-cut, tapered tips adding an edgy shaggy look at the ends.  Broad streaks of purple add the perfect finishing touch!

Vintage bouffant stacked haircuts & black hair with purple tones

Here’s a vintage look that was a very popular hairstyle in the early 1960’s, when teasing/back-combing was used to add exaggerated volume on medium and fine hair!  Straight lines and thick bangs make this a great look for round faces and the purple hair color trend softens black hair for a totally modern twist!

Dazzling dainty blonde layered stacked haircuts with bangs

Here’s a super-trendy hair color idea that blurs blonde and brown by blending 3 slightly different pinky-blonde shades over brunette roots!  The back is styled into a pretty point at the nape and the profile shows disconnected layers half-covering the ears. With straight, full bangs this is a great style for a round or heart face.

Daring daily hairstyles – stacked haircuts with subtle silver balayage

This stacked hairstyle has beautifully fluid lines creating gentle waves in a theoretically straight bob hairstyle! With long layers and a softly stacked back this hairstyle is a modern, chic and professional look that’s brought right up-to-date with subtle silver-gray balayage catching the light.

Adorable authentic 60’s Mary Quant stacked haircuts with nape point

This ravishing red stacked bob hairstyle is an authentic copy of the vintage 60’s Mary Quant bob haircuts with a cute centre-point at the nape. Long sliced layers at the sides descend from shorter layers at the back that create the stacked haircut’s signature volume. Concave textured tips curve inwards at the ends.

Stunning steeply stacked haircuts for thick brown hair with neutral blonde highlights

Thick hair can be sculpted to produce wonderful rounded shapes at the back in stacked haircuts.   This modern twist on the short angled bob hairstyle has perfectly harmonized neutral blonde highlighting to accentuate the precision layers and disconnected side layers.  Leaving the stacked back dark also draws attention to the prettily textured nape.

Chic charcoal-grey stacked haircuts with bright violet balayage

Going gray has stopped meaning you’re getting old, and started meaning you’re going trendy!  Here’s a smoothly-cut stacked haircut for thick hair on a charcoal-gray base, with delicate lavender highlights and bold purple balayage!  This popular hairstyle is easy-care and has tons of texture and style!

Edgy copper undercut on asymmetrical stacked haircuts with layers

Want to look ‘butch’ and cute at the same time?  Shaved undercutting is coming-back on lots of popular hairstyles like stacked haircuts.  You can create extremely asymmetrical hairstyles, like this swept over the top layered bob that has a different look from every angle!

Urban chic silver-blonde short stacked haircuts ideas for fine hair

This stacked haircut for fine hair uses color and styling for texture and more density.  The hair is only lightly layered at the sides to keep the thickness, and swept over the top from a side parting to add volume.  Casually tousled blonde and silvery-grey hair strands finish this trendy, popular hairstyle!

Add life to dark short haircuts with trendy blonde highlights – Hottest bob cut with trendy hair color

This classic short haircut uses the contrast between the coffee-brown base and blonde highlighting to draw attention to the stacked back section.  Blonde streaks soften the line and add loads of extra texture and 3-D color depth for a more attractive bob hairstyle accentuating the disconnected side layers! If you love curly and wavy stacked hairstyles, check it out here.

Sexy copper hair color trends on simple stacked haircuts for fine hair

Stacked short haircuts for fine hair are usually longer angled bobs with a gently rounded bump of volume at the back.  Highlighting the long layers in two shades just a tone or two apart, over dark roots is an attractive way to create the illusion of denser hair.

Cute copper/blonde blended highlights for angled bob hairstyles

Here’s a lovely graduated hair color idea moving from strawberry blonde through soft copper to copper-brown in the lower lengths.  The sliced layers are beautifully accentuated by the trendy tinting and give lots of attractive texture and forward movement to this simple, but sensational, stacked haircut.

If you weren’t planning a trendy stacked haircuts makeover before you saw these fabulous hairstyle photos, you probably are now!  Each new season brings lots more attractive stacked haircuts and popular hairstyles with gorgeous hair color ideas, so how can we resist!

inverted stacked bob hairstyle for short hair 2017
inverted bob hairstyle for short hair /credit
Textured undercut pixie for short hair 2017
Textured undercut pixie for short hair /credit 
stacked short haircut 2017
stacked short haircut – never out of fashion/credit
Super-Hot Stacked Bob Haircuts 2017
Super-Hot Stacked Bob Haircuts /credit
short curly stacked haircut
short curly stacked haircut /credit
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