Stylish Short Haircut You Will Love! Layered Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Layered pixie cut with long bangs

Trendy short hair ideas for women – layered pixie cut with long side swept bangs

This lightly windswept short haircut is long enough to create some appealing volume around the head on fine hair. And with what you save on expensive styling creams, oils and serums for long hair, you won’t even notice the cost of those pretty medium-blonde highlights!

If you have mousey or dark-blonde hair, but don’t want a drastic colour change, honey or caramel highlights are a great way to add some colour.

This is a great style for anyone who doesn’t want a short hairstyle with a severe hairline, because the overall impression is soft, casual and feminine. The line of the cut moves from the ear-lobes around the back with a soft finish at the nape, displaying a slender neck.

Styled forwards from the crown, the movement then changes to an edgy comb-over long fringe swept to one side, creating lots of texture and movement. The loosely divided hair around the ears makes long side-burns that can be teamed with your favourite earrings or curled out to make cute flicks.

Suitable for fine or medium-textured tresses, the extra length in this contemporary short haircut means you can vary the style in lots of different ways! This pixie cut is perfect for women age over 30!

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