Funky Barrels: The New Age of Curling Irons

Remember a time when options to curl your hair were limited? I’m talking velcro rollers, a standard curling iron that came in three sizes, and maybe a crimper thrown in for good measure. Unless you had some savvy at-home techniques, that was all you had to work with.

These days, curling options seem limitless! There is now a curling iron for every type of curl you wish to achieve. From clipless wands, to automatic rotating barrels – the latest in curl technology is sizzling, and we’re loving all of the options!

1. Clipless Wands

Type of curl: Any

Rundown: If you’re anything like me, you were probably saying “No clamp?! What do I even DO with this thing?!” when you first saw the clipless irons. But when I saw the type of curls they produced, I stopped asking questions. If you get experiment and get creative with your curl technique, you can get any type of curl you please with these bad boys. If you’re worried about burning your fingers, the irons come with a heat protectant glove! Bonus!

2. Conical Irons

Type of curl: Both tight and loose

Rundown: This iron comes in 2 different styles: Cone-shaped and Reverse Cone-shaped. Both styles produce different results. Cone-shaped wands produce loose curls on top and tighter curls on the bottom. Reverse Cone produces tight curls on top and loose on bottom.

3. Bubble Wand

Type of curl: Natural-looking waves

Rundown: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the funnest iron of all? Meet the bubble wand! This funky iron produces believable and bouncy curls. Simply wrap strands around the wand and unwind to silky, tousled waves.

4. Spiral/Coil Iron

Type of curl: Spiral

Rundown: If Taylor Swift curls are what you covet, you’ll love these wands! The tightness of the curl varies based on the iron, and can produce tight tendrils, or loose spiraled waves for a naturally curly look.

5. Waving Iron

Type of curl: Waves

Rundown: Waving irons are the perfect tool for creating loose beach waves. The 3 barrel clamp irons are designed to heat evenly, creating gorgeous frizz-free waves. Once finished, tousle waves with fingers for a finished look.

6. Ribbon Curler

Type of curl: Tight ribbon/spiral curls

Rundown: Ever seen curled ribbon in a craft project, or maybe one of those massive hair barrettes as a kid? This iron has a similar effect on your strands! With a flat barrel, this curler allows more hair to wrap around it, creating tight spiraled tendrils.

7. Hourglass Iron

Type of curl: Both tight and loose

Rundown: The hourglass wand surprisingly has nothing to do with time, but rather a variety of gorgeous curls. This wand produces tight curls in the middle and loose curls at the end of the strand and also produces major volume for an added bonus.

8. Automatic Rotating Irons  

Pictured: Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver – an automatic rotating iron that creates the perfect beach waves!

Type of Curl: Varies based on the iron

Rundown: If you thought the other irons were advanced, wrap your head around this one: These irons allow you to kick back while they do all the work! The automatic rotating barrel starts curling your hair with the click of a button. Just clamp in a strand of hair and let the iron work its magic. For anyone who can’t quite nail down a good curling technique, these irons are your new best friend.

There’s nothing us girls love more than options and a head of gorgeous curls! Luckily, technology is making perfect curls easier to achieve. Have you tried any of these funky irons? If so, what’s your favorite? We want your feedback!

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